If You Read One Article About Essential Oils Remedy for Pain, Read this One

Wikimedia Commons – Cryptocarya agathophylla van der Werff [as Ravensara aromatica Sonn.]
M.E. Descourtilz, Flore médicale des Antilles, vol. 8: t. 567 (1829) [J.T. Descourtilz]


In this article I plan to discuss the veracity of the popular claim that essential oils can remedy many problems. My main focus will be on the application for pain. But I want to present research based outcomes, quality of essential oils, and if applicable, what to use for your pain. I want to reach a conclusion about whether or not essential oils can help us in our pain suffering.  I do not sell or promote any oils.  If through my research I find that yes the oils help, and yes there is a reputable company, I will note that here.


First, a definition of essential oil.  These oils are derived mainly from plants.  It is “essential” because it contains the essence of a plant’s properties.  Like other natural pain remedies, essential oils have been around for some time.  I found one source that stated the ancient Egyptians used the oils over 5000 years ago (Aromatherapy, Julia Lawless, pg. 14).  The use is usually through aromatherapy or massage.  The oils must be used in a carrier oil such as coconut or grapeseed oil if used in massage, or direct application to the skin.  If used in aromatherapy the oil can be used undiluted.  I didn’t find conclusive advice about ingesting some oils, so I would err on caution and advise not to ingest any oils.  But you can do more research if you are so inclined.   It is also recommended that you do a skin sensitivity test to find out if you have a reaction to the oil. Skin tests are where you apply a few drops (of the oil in a carrier oil) to the back of your wrist, cover with a bandage, and leave it for an hour.  If irritation occurs, wash with cold water.  You can try the oil in a reduced concentration with the same method to see if that helps.  Otherwise, it is recommended you don’t use that oil.

I researched on YouTube, Google and social media.  This YouTube video was a very helpful source of information.  The author, Joe Leech, presents research on several different oils.  His conclusions are that there are only a few oils that have verified results.  These were peppermint for headaches, tea tree for acne, and lavendar for relaxation.  His video was released in 2015.  Otherwise, according to Leech, the claims that are made involving over 100 oils have not been proved by research.  However, in a lengthy article (and not in layman’s terms) the National Institutes of Health concluded there was a “significant postive effect from aromatherapy in reducing pain”.  This study was released in 2016.  The oils they list are lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, and peppermint.  These are the oils that I see mentioned most often.  Now here are two authorities that state there is some verified results from peppermint and lavender.  I would choose to believe the NIH study on the eucalyptus, rosemary and chamomile; that there are benefits from these as well.  Their conclusion regarding back pain, which is what I focus on, involved lavendar oil with massage.  So the results might also be related to massage.  But there was a reduction in pain.  In post operative pain the use of eucalyptus had some effect on reducing pain as well.  This NIH article is worth investigating for further information, and results on different types of pain.  In another article from Italy, published in 2015, bergamot oil was found to be effective in controlling neuropathic pain.  Another article I found helpful and that directed me to some research is this article by Healthline.  Please take time to read the links I have included.  They are informative and cover more information than I have here in this article.

By Yercaud-elango – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=37082513

What Oils Help Relieve Pain?

From the above research I can conclude there is some scientific evidence that essential oils of peppermint, lavendar, and bergamot oils are natural pain remedies.  Other oils I have listed above can be used for other concerns, but as I said, I am interested in the ones specifically used to relieve pain.

In case you are wondering about CBD oil, read my article here.

Quality of Essential Oils

As I researched this important topic, I was looking for information on how we can determine the quality of a product.  It makes me laugh when I find a source that is going to promote their product in the results.  So be careful as you search.  I am going to only include sites that don’t recommend any particular product in this post.  In this article by Doreen Petersen, there are five guidelines to follow in purchasing your essential oil.  Among the criteria, are knowing your supplier, and knowing your latin.  So, check out who you are buying from and learn about the names on the product.  I am embarrassed to say that some of the oils that I bought before I did this article don’t even list ingredients!  I’ll be more careful in the future.  And just because it’s expensive doesn’t guarantee the quality either.  This article was very helpful and I hope you will read it.

There are some MLM companies out there that have made claims that may be unethical and I don’t know about the quality of their products, so I recommend you do lots of research before you purchase or participate.  Futhermore dosages appear to be subjective, since there is currently no regulation of the oils.  The manufacturer of the oils can apparently determine the dosage. (Based on what, I don’t know.)  So again, do your research.  I would figure that if I decide I can trust the company for the quality of the product, I can also trust them for the recommended dosage.

Did you know there is actually an organization called National Assoication for Holisitic Aromatherapy (NAHA)?  They feature Artisan Aromatics, with several products for you to choose from.  Their products look like quality products.  I am recommending you check them out.  I now have an affiliate link with them.  If you use the link I provided and you make a purchase, I will get a percentage of the sale.  For that I thank you in advance.


There seems to be some validity in the use of essential oils to lessen pain symtoms.  It is a safe alternative when used with care and following directions.  I would still recommend talking with your doctor first in case it might interfere with other medications or sensitivities.  But otherwise there should be no adverse side effects, unlike medication.  Costs will come out of your pocket though, as opposed to insurance covering other treatments.  So even though prices can range from $10.00 to $60.00 or more, since it’s out of your pocket, the costs can add up.

JJ Georges – Wikimedia Commons

Still, I think much more research is needed before essential oils can become a mainstream treatment for pain.

In the meantime, I believe there is evidence that essential oils can help in relieving pain.  I plan to do more research and testing, so watch for updates.

Your comments, questions, and responses are welcome.  What do you think?

Is There a Natural Remedy for Pain?

Worse for Wear in Pain

I assume you are on this website because you are in pain.  Are you wondering if there is a natural remedy for pain?

Or someone you love is suffering.  You have my empathy, because I live with pain constantly.  Because of that, I have spent hours researching alternative treatments for pain or what I call natural pain remedies.

In case you are wondering, my pain is like sciatic, but is caused by a bulging disc.   Most of the pain is in my buttock, but sometimes radiates down my leg.  It hurts to walk, and sometimes I can’t get comfortable when I try to sleep.  It has very much impacted my life.

I need to tell you up front that none of my recommendations are cures, and that none of them have given me a pain free life.  But the number one reason I like natural pain remedies and can recommend them, is that there are few side effects.  This is unlike the medications and drugs that our western medicine seems to rely on.  The few alternatives I tried that did adversely affect me will be discussed later.  Also, I am not a doctor or a scientist, so I can only speak from my suffering and experience.  The recommendations I make are based on my results only.

It is my goal to help you wade through the numerous options available to you in this field.  I have only scratched the surface.  My reviews will cover: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, fish oil, turmeric, ASEA, books and foods I have found that seem to make my pain worse.


There are various forms of chiropractic available.  I recommend ones that do manipulation.  The benefits of chiropractic are pain relief, and realignment of your spine.  My pain makes me lean to one side, so I am messing my spine up continually.  My chiropractor’s goal is to keep me aligned.  Check with your insurance and the chiropractor; many insurances cover this now.


The number one question I am asked is, “Does it hurt?”.  My honest answer; yes and no.  But mostly no.  The needles are so thin that you barely feel a slight pinch.  Some people feel nothing.  Sometimes, depending on how sensitive my pain area is, I do feel pain, but not so much with the needle as with the nerve that the doctor is treating.  It is an ache mostly.  He can adjust this to stop it.  My understanding of this treatment is that it deals with the nerve to enhance its ability to function.  The needles also stimulate the body to release a pain hormone that is stronger than morphine.

I have written a complete article on acupuncture.  Click here.

Acupuncture needles


A note here about practitioners.  The first acupuncturist I went to was dishonest.  I found this out after a few months of treatment, when I wasn’t getting any documentation from my insurance.  My current one is my 3rd one.  The second one was honest, but I didn’t feel I was getting the care and concern I needed.  My current doctor is very attentive and seems invested in my wellness.  This is very important to me because much of the time I feel I am not understood.  Or even heard.  So, check around.  Some insurances cover this as well.


Some doctors say not to do this.  Others say to do this.  I had one massage that set me back; the pain got worse.  But I have recently found someone who apparently understands what needs to be treated and has given me some relief.  Plus, it is a real treat to have the rest of your body massaged.  I would do this more often if I could afford it.  Investigate how much the therapist knows about joint pain, and what they would do to treat it.

Thumper Mini Pro Massager

My acupuncturist uses a hand held massager.  After the needle treatment, he massages my pain areas for a few minutes.  Currently this is in my hip and back.  Boy does it feel good!  The massager is called Thumper Mini Pro.  Of course if you need massage on your back you may need someone to operate it for you.  But if you can reach the spots, it is self administering.

Food and Supplements

Fish Oil

This product claims to reduce inflammation and thereby relieve joint pain.  I tried a few products and settled on OmegaXL (by GreatHealthWorks) as one of the best I could find.  A friend told me how he found relief from arthritis pain.  This product gave me extensive relief for weeks but doesn’t seem to be helping that much now.  I may adjust the dosage.


Also an anti-inflammatory, this product gave me relief for a time.


This is a liquid that tastes a bit like salt water.  They claim to renew the cells in the body.  It also gave me relief for a time.  It appears that it has renewed my skin health, so I continue to take it.


So far, my research shows that beef can be an inflammatory food.  Too bad, because I sure love my steak!  I have cut back on beef consummation and look for the grass feed, non-chemical enhanced beef.  A very good video to watch regarding the drugs put in our meats is What the Health.  See the video clip below.  I am eating way less meat, and therefore ingesting less chemicals.  That has to be a good thing!

Essential Oils

So far, I have yet to find an oil that gives relief.  But I am using lavender to relax and sleep better.  Since my sleep is impacted by my pain, I feel being able to relax has been helpful.  More research needed on this topic.


Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain

The best book I have read so far is Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain, by Micozzi and Dibra.  This book is an extensive goldmine of treatments available.  It also has a test of your emotional type to predict how well you may respond to alternative treatments.


In my continuous search for natural pain remedies, I will post new discoveries as I find them.  I would welcome information that you may have found helpful as well, so that we can help others who suffer.  I truly want this website to be a community of support for all of us who suffer with pain.


I am not a health care professional.  Only a pain sufferer.  These recommendations are from my own experience.

In some of my posts I will recommend products and provide a link where you can purchase them.  I have no such links in this post.

Finally, should you be wondering about learning how to build a website, click on this link.  It takes you to Wealthy Affiliate, of which I am a member.  I will receive a referral fee if you join.  You can join form free for seven days to check out the platform.

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