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This is a review of the book Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain, by Marc S. Micozzi, M.D, Ph.D. and Sebhia Marie Dibra.

Format: Paperback book
Rating: I give it 5 stars


This is a review of the book Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain, by Marc S. Micozzi, M.D, Ph.D. and Sebhia Marie Dibra.

This book is an extensive treatment of many alternative pain relief options.  The secondary subtitle is: From Acupuncture and Biofeedback to Herbs and Essential Oils.  Not only does the book cover several other non-traditional options, but it also has a huge section devoted to determining your emotional type and how your type may impact your response to treatments.  I found this book to be more technical than I expected.  It is backed up with extensive research and references.  Dr. Micozzi has written several books and articles.  See his biographical information here.  Sebhia Marie Dibra has her own website.

The book is broken into three parts.  They are, Part One; Mind-Body Techniques for Pain, Part Two; Hands-On Healing, and Part Three; Managing Pain with Natural Products.  The sections in Part One are: 1. Pain and Your Emotional Type, 2. Relaxation and Stress Reduction, 3. Biofeedback, 4. Imagery and Visualization, 5. Hypnosis, 6. Meditation and Yoga, and 7. Spiritual Healing.  Part Two contains three sections, which are: 8. Massage and Bodywork, 9. Chiropractic, 10. Acupuncture and Qigong.  Finally, Part Three has two sections; 11. Vitamins, Nutritional Foods, and Herbs, and 12. Essential Oils and Aromatherapy.

What I Like About This Book

This is an especially substantial resource for alternative medicine information.  I bought this book when I first started my journey on searching for relief to my pain and suffering.  It truly opened my eyes to the wealth of options available to us to naturally relieve our pain.  It could honestly be passed by as a resource for natural relief because that isn’t in the title.  But believe me, it has been very helpful.  I was very hopeful when I read the title also, because I have chronic pain and I wanted to overcome it.  Furthermore, the book contains extensive reference notes, bibliography and a helpful index.

An interesting section of this book is the discussion of Emotional Types, or as they refer to it, Boundary Types in Part One.  There is an extensive checklist at the end of the book that uses 146 questions to help you determine your boundary type.  The premise in the book is that your boundary type may affect the success of alternative treatments.  Once you determine which boundary type you may be, you can see how you respond to the various treatments for your condition.   (See image 1 on the right.)  I have determined I am a thick type and fortunately respond well to all the types of modalities for my chronic pain.  But you can see from this image (in the left column) that the book covers several types of suffering which should be helpful to many people.  And the authors are quick to explain that all types can respond to different treatments, as we all have some thick and some thin conditions, which are their boundary types.

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Image 1. From Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain, pg 18

Another reason I like this book is because it is very informative with the science and research.  Throughout my research and studying, I have sought to back up what I write with actual studies or write from my experience.  Yes, this website is based on my opinion and experience, but I try to remain faithful to the science because I want what I write to be helpful to my fellow sufferers.

As you would expect, each chapter includes exceptional explanations of the alternative approaches.  Usually included are discussions of what the treatment is, the research related to it, how you may practice it, and if needed, how to find a practitioner.  Before I started my searching, I knew very little about most of these topics.  Now that I have experience with some of them, and have found they help me, I feel more comfortable recommending them.  There are other topics in this book that I have not tried, but which bear examining.  I plan on those to be future posts.

Let me give an example of how I used this book.  I classify my pain as buttock’s pain, but that topic wasn’t in the index.  However, there is a listing for back pain, so I went to the pages referenced.  I found information in the Massage and Bodywork section  and in the Chiropractic section.  From there I checked out other modalities that I was familiar with and read up on them.  I also reviewed the Natural Products part, where I decided to try turmeric for inflammation and pain and fish oil for neuropathy.

I use acupuncture and yoga to manage my pain.  So I was pleased to see that my body type would respond to these treatments.  I haven’t tried hypnosis!  That would be something to explore!

What I Don’t Like About This Book

There is very little I don’t like.  And I think it is just personal preference.  The one issue I have it that it is probably too informative when it comes to the research!  As a pain sufferer I want answers to help me end my suffering.  I don’t care about the facts!  Kidding! So I admit I surfed through different sections to find solutions, rather than read the book cover to cover.  I am now reading it more faithfully as I create this website and research options for our relief from pain.  So this is a minor dislike, and one which shouldn’t affect your enjoyment and assistance in finding relief.


In answer to my question in the title, I would have to say yes.  This book is very help in providing information for natural pain relief and remedies.

So what do you think?  Would you find this book helpful?  I welcome your comments and questions.  Furthermore, I am interested in other alternatives that you may have tried.  I would even consider researching them and posting them if I think they could help others.  As I’ve said before, we are a community.  We can help each other and support each other to a better quality of life.

Lastly, remember the preceding thoughts are mine alone, and based on my experience as a pain sufferer.  I am not a doctor.  And if you do click on the link to purchase the book, I receive a small compensation for that.  So thank you.

Is There a Natural Remedy for Pain?

Worse for Wear in Pain

I assume you are on this website because you are in pain.  Are you wondering if there is a natural remedy for pain?

Or someone you love is suffering.  You have my empathy, because I live with pain constantly.  Because of that, I have spent hours researching alternative treatments for pain or what I call natural pain remedies.

In case you are wondering, my pain is like sciatic, but is caused by a bulging disc.   Most of the pain is in my buttock, but sometimes radiates down my leg.  It hurts to walk, and sometimes I can’t get comfortable when I try to sleep.  It has very much impacted my life.

I need to tell you up front that none of my recommendations are cures, and that none of them have given me a pain free life.  But the number one reason I like natural pain remedies and can recommend them, is that there are few side effects.  This is unlike the medications and drugs that our western medicine seems to rely on.  The few alternatives I tried that did adversely affect me will be discussed later.  Also, I am not a doctor or a scientist, so I can only speak from my suffering and experience.  The recommendations I make are based on my results only.

It is my goal to help you wade through the numerous options available to you in this field.  I have only scratched the surface.  My reviews will cover: chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, fish oil, turmeric, ASEA, books and foods I have found that seem to make my pain worse.


There are various forms of chiropractic available.  I recommend ones that do manipulation.  The benefits of chiropractic are pain relief, and realignment of your spine.  My pain makes me lean to one side, so I am messing my spine up continually.  My chiropractor’s goal is to keep me aligned.  Check with your insurance and the chiropractor; many insurances cover this now.


The number one question I am asked is, “Does it hurt?”.  My honest answer; yes and no.  But mostly no.  The needles are so thin that you barely feel a slight pinch.  Some people feel nothing.  Sometimes, depending on how sensitive my pain area is, I do feel pain, but not so much with the needle as with the nerve that the doctor is treating.  It is an ache mostly.  He can adjust this to stop it.  My understanding of this treatment is that it deals with the nerve to enhance its ability to function.  The needles also stimulate the body to release a pain hormone that is stronger than morphine.

I have written a complete article on acupuncture.  Click here.

Acupuncture needles


A note here about practitioners.  The first acupuncturist I went to was dishonest.  I found this out after a few months of treatment, when I wasn’t getting any documentation from my insurance.  My current one is my 3rd one.  The second one was honest, but I didn’t feel I was getting the care and concern I needed.  My current doctor is very attentive and seems invested in my wellness.  This is very important to me because much of the time I feel I am not understood.  Or even heard.  So, check around.  Some insurances cover this as well.


Some doctors say not to do this.  Others say to do this.  I had one massage that set me back; the pain got worse.  But I have recently found someone who apparently understands what needs to be treated and has given me some relief.  Plus, it is a real treat to have the rest of your body massaged.  I would do this more often if I could afford it.  Investigate how much the therapist knows about joint pain, and what they would do to treat it.

Thumper Mini Pro Massager

My acupuncturist uses a hand held massager.  After the needle treatment, he massages my pain areas for a few minutes.  Currently this is in my hip and back.  Boy does it feel good!  The massager is called Thumper Mini Pro.  Of course if you need massage on your back you may need someone to operate it for you.  But if you can reach the spots, it is self administering.

Food and Supplements

Fish Oil

This product claims to reduce inflammation and thereby relieve joint pain.  I tried a few products and settled on OmegaXL (by GreatHealthWorks) as one of the best I could find.  A friend told me how he found relief from arthritis pain.  This product gave me extensive relief for weeks but doesn’t seem to be helping that much now.  I may adjust the dosage.


Also an anti-inflammatory, this product gave me relief for a time.


This is a liquid that tastes a bit like salt water.  They claim to renew the cells in the body.  It also gave me relief for a time.  It appears that it has renewed my skin health, so I continue to take it.


So far, my research shows that beef can be an inflammatory food.  Too bad, because I sure love my steak!  I have cut back on beef consummation and look for the grass feed, non-chemical enhanced beef.  A very good video to watch regarding the drugs put in our meats is What the Health.  See the video clip below.  I am eating way less meat, and therefore ingesting less chemicals.  That has to be a good thing!

Essential Oils

So far, I have yet to find an oil that gives relief.  But I am using lavender to relax and sleep better.  Since my sleep is impacted by my pain, I feel being able to relax has been helpful.  More research needed on this topic.


Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain

The best book I have read so far is Overcoming Acute and Chronic Pain, by Micozzi and Dibra.  This book is an extensive goldmine of treatments available.  It also has a test of your emotional type to predict how well you may respond to alternative treatments.


In my continuous search for natural pain remedies, I will post new discoveries as I find them.  I would welcome information that you may have found helpful as well, so that we can help others who suffer.  I truly want this website to be a community of support for all of us who suffer with pain.


I am not a health care professional.  Only a pain sufferer.  These recommendations are from my own experience.

In some of my posts I will recommend products and provide a link where you can purchase them.  I have no such links in this post.

Finally, should you be wondering about learning how to build a website, click on this link.  It takes you to Wealthy Affiliate, of which I am a member.  I will receive a referral fee if you join.  You can join form free for seven days to check out the platform.

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