What is the Power of Visualization?

Are you searching for relief from your chronic pain?  So am I; almost every day.  So I have come across an option that needed investigating.  It is Visualization.  What is the Power of Visualization?  And how can it help me manage my pain? What is Visualization? The Oxford dictionary defines visualizing as, “ to form … Read more

What is Celadrin® Advanced Joint Health?

What is Celadrin®? Have you asked what Celadrin® is? Celadrin® is advertised as a product made for joint pain relief.  It is also promoted as a muscle pain relief.  It currently comes in a cream, tablet or capsule form.  I am reviewing it because it is advertised as a natural treatment for your aches and … Read more

Causes of Sciatica Flare-Up; And How to Avoid

If you live with chronic pain, you know about pain flare-ups.  But why do we get them?  Is there anything we can do about them?  Read more to find out about causes of sciatica flare-ups, and how to avoid them. Also, this article should address other types of pain, not just sciatica.  I have pain … Read more

Best Heating Pads for Back Pain; A Review

Are you in pain as I am?  I have chronic pain!  So I am always looking for remedies for my pain, and I prefer natural ones.  Therefore, I am reviewing the best heating pads for back pain.  It is my hope you find something that will help you. Why Heating Pads Relieve Pain I love … Read more

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain

Wondering about what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is?  And how it relates to pain?  In this article, I intend to answer your questions.  Because I have chronic pain, and I am hoping that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help me manage my pain.  I hope it can help you as well.   What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? First … Read more