How Gratitude and Pain Made Me a Better Person (I Think!)

Can pain and gratitude make you a better person? Although there is not an extensive amount of scientific data that states that gratitude can affect pain, there is some evidence that gratitude can provide some positive outcomes in our brain and body.  Therefore, gratitude might be a practice you want to start to implement in … Read more

What Acts As a Natural Painkiller? Endorphins! 

Endorphins are your body’s natural painkiller!  They are your own natural morphine.  So how can you get more of these natural painkillers?  Let’s explore. What Are Endorphins? The word actually comes from endogenous; from the body and morphine; the opiate pain reliever.  They are also called analgesics, which are defined as pain relievers.  A common … Read more

What Are the Benefits and Side Effects of Pycnogenol?

Studies have shown that the biggest benefits from pycnogenol are related to heart health, lowering blood pressure and increasing circulation.  There is also proof that it can help lower blood glucose in diabetics.  And I’m investigating how it can help me manage my pain.  Learn more about pycnogenol here. What Is Pycnogenol? The name is … Read more

What Is Inflammation in the Body and How Does It Affect Pain?

Inflammation in the body refers to a defense reaction to attacks on the body. The body reacts to injury, viruses, and bacteria by manning an offense to repair. Inflammation is a result of the soldiers bringing healing cells to the site. I have chronic pain, and have seen over and over again that pain is … Read more