What is Celadrin® Advanced Joint Health?

What is Celadrin®? Have you asked what Celadrin® is? Celadrin® is advertised as a product made for joint pain relief.  It is also promoted as a muscle pain relief.  It currently comes in a cream, tablet or capsule form.  I am reviewing it because it is advertised as a natural treatment for your aches and … Read more

Causes of Sciatica Flare-Up; And How to Avoid

If you live with chronic pain, you know about pain flare-ups.  But why do we get them?  Is there anything we can do about them?  Read more to find out about causes of sciatica flare-ups, and how to avoid them. Also, this article should address other types of pain, not just sciatica.  I have pain … Read more

Best Heating Pads for Back Pain; A Review

Are you in pain as I am?  I have chronic pain!  So I am always looking for remedies for my pain, and I prefer natural ones.  Therefore, I am reviewing the best heating pads for back pain.  It is my hope you find something that will help you. Why Heating Pads Relieve Pain I love … Read more

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Chronic Pain

Wondering about what Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is?  And how it relates to pain?  In this article, I intend to answer your questions.  Because I have chronic pain, and I am hoping that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy can help me manage my pain.  I hope it can help you as well.   What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? First … Read more

Percussion Action Handheld Massager by HoMedics

I am writing this review about the HoMedics Dual Head Percussion Action Plus Massager because I have been using it with some positive results.  If you have chronic pain like I have, then you might be interested in this product.  Read further to learn about the Percussion Action Handheld Massager.   Introduction I have chronic pain.  … Read more