Gentle Yoga Video – A Review

Are you looking for an easy yoga program to practice yoga?  Do you want a gentle yoga video to follow?  Then check out this review.

Review of DVD Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams

Format: DVD
Rating: I give it 5 stars

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams


Following is a review of the DVD Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams – Strength, Balance, Flexibility. This program has made a huge difference in my pain management.  I am finding it is vital to stretch my body on a regular basis to lessen my pain.  And this program is very easy to follow and use.

Do you have questions about yoga?  Don’t worry, this DVD doesn’t go into any Hindu practices.  As a Christian, I worried about that when I first began investigating pain management options.  Yoga’s original purpose appears to be to balance the mind and body.  Originally it combined meditation, deep breathing and various postures.

But this series only concentrates on the postures and relaxed breathing.  It is surprising how we forget to breathe properly when we are exercising.  In this presentation, Jane reminds us constantly to breathe, coordinating the inhale and exhale with the movements.  This is helpful because it does force the body to relax.  And when our bodies are more relaxed, the pain doesn’t seem as bad.  Also, while concentrating on breathing, we focus less on our pain.

Apparently with the stretches, practiced on a regular basis, we can experience more flexibility, increased muscle tone, and increased strength.  So many benefits from simple stretches!

What Subjects are Covered?

The DVD is divided into six sections.  The first one is the Introduction.  In the introduction she talks about the series and states how easy it is to start.  She even has a disclaimer that tells you to go easy on yourself and not attempt any stretch that hurts.   She is very engaging in this and it is an encouragement to start the program.  The next five sections are actual yoga exercises.  They are;

  • Lying Warm-ups (20 minutes)
  • Balancing and Standing Poses (33 minutes)
  • Upper Body (13 minutes)
  • Torso and Leg Strength & Flexibility (20 minutes)
  • Relaxation (7 minutes).  

Depending on which sequence you are using you will need a yoga mat (#2,5 and 6), a chair (#4) and maybe a blanket.  So thankfully your expenditures are only the DVD and a mat.


Why I Like This DVD

Jane has a sweet calm spirit.  Her voice is very relaxing.  But what I particularly like is how specific she is in her instructions.  She tells you exactly how to move each part of your body that is involved in that particular pose.  She takes it very slow.  She is very deliberate.  She is so considerate in explaining the exercise that you don’t even have to look at the screen.  This is vital sometimes if your head is turned away or you are lying on the floor.  I found it very helpful because I had not done yoga before.

I am 69, and was afraid I was too old to start something new like this.  But because the back cover of the DVD states that it is “perfect for mid-lifers”, I thought I would give it a try.  I am so glad I did.  It is some of the best money I have ever spent.

These regular exercises have helped me manage my pain in a natural way.  My pain is less than when I first developed the problem.  I believe it is from the stretches I do.  I have noticed that if I skip a couple of days (usually because of a busy morning) that I pay for it in pain.  And I have seen other benefits from the stretches.  They include, less pain overall, more flexibility, better balance, feeling younger, and a calmer mind.  Also, if you are afraid of some “spiritual” emphasis on yoga practices, you won’t find them in this video.  I steer clear of mysticism so I was happy to see that Jane didn’t include that in this video.

How I Use This DVD

I make it a regular practice to use this DVD.  My goal is to do it five days a week, but if I can do it more than that, I will.  The benefits are worth it.  I combine it with another DVD that I reviewed.  It is Back to Life by Emily Lark.  Go here to see the review.  I use the first section of Emily’s stretches, which takes about 10 minutes.  Then I use the Torso and Leg Strength & Flexibility in this DVD for 20 minutes.  One of THE BEST uses of 30 minutes that I can think of!

Since I am fairly new to yoga, I am not familiar with all the other benefits, but I am sure more experienced practitioners could add more comments.  I hope anyone that wants to comment or add wisdom will do so.  Your involvement will help us all.

I like to start my day off with these stretches.  I find if I don’t, I get too busy and forget about doing it.  I’m sure you’ve heard that you must schedule exercise into your daily routine.  I agree.  That’s why one of my philosophies is to be proactive about my health.  Nobody knows my body like I do.  And no one can take as good care of it as I can.  Isn’t your good health your responsibility?  And don’t you want to do something about your pain?  Then, if it is at all possible for you to stretch, I recommend you try this.

Here is a clip from another DVD.  Although it is a different one, it shows how gentle she is and how easy it is to follow her.

Jane Adams “Gentle Yoga: 7 Practices for Your Day”


I highly recommend this DVD.  It has helped me to feel better!  I hope that it would do the same for you.

You can assist all of us in the pain community by posting your comments.  Can you recommend something that has helped you?  I would be glad to investigate it.  Perhaps it will help others.

If you want to start out slowly with an easy DVD, this is the one to use.

Thanks for reading this review.  Please leave comments or questions below.  I will respond to all comments in a timely manner.


I am not a medical professional, so I recommend you speak to your health care provider before you start any new exercise.

I have an affiliate link for a used copy of this product.  Click here to go to eBay if you want to purchase it for cheap.  I receive a small referral fee if you buy it.

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Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams


Easy to Practice


Calm Voice


Great for Seniors



  • Great for Older People
  • Calm and Relaxing
  • Easy to Use


  • Would like more categories
  • Hard to understand at times
  • Some positions are difficult to do

2 thoughts on “Gentle Yoga Video – A Review”

  1. I just Love this video. I fell like Jane is in the room with me and reminds me to breathe. I am able to do all of the sessions on this video, but I am not able to do one part on the torso and leg strengthening. It’s where you are sitting on the floor doing the butterfly and your arms on in front my head just won’t go down like you do. Do you think with time I will be able to do this. I blame it on my upper torso being short?

    • Thank you for your positive response. I understand how you feel about Jane being in the room with you. I love that she is slow and deliberate.
      As to your question; yes I think you will be able to do them eventually. I am surprised at how much more limber I am from doing these stretches consistently. I too have a short torso and I can not stretch as far as she does.
      But remember I am not a health care professional, so maybe check with your doctor if you have further questions.
      Thanks again for commenting!


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