What’s Trending in Natural Back Pain Relief Products?

Oh my goodness!  So excited!  Today I researched the topic, “What’s trending in Natural Pain Relief”?  What a wealth of information.

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From my previous posts you will know that I promote self care and responsibility in your search to feel better.  And I still believe that.  Some of these products help you in that endeavor.  This post could be part of previous posts where I mention other products.  But I didn’t know about these items until today.  They support my philosophy of movement and mindfulness.

I found several of them on this site: 41 Health Wellness Products trending on Amazon.  I recommend you check the site out.  There are so many exciting products, I can hardly stand it!  I am going to mention a few here though, and why I am doing so.  If you want to purchase ones that I recommend, please use my links.  I receive a small portion of the cost.

Body Back Buddy, Jr.  This item looks like a crazy utensil, but what a great idea!  Massage is a great way to find relief for muscle and nerve pain.  I get a mini massage from my acupuncturist weekly.  Best part of the treatment!  Anyway, it think this product would be helpful to any part of your body.  I’m thinking of giving it as a gift to my loved ones.

Body Back Buddy, Jr.

Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation is a wonderful idea.  It combines a mat with acupressure “needles” (small circles with pointed ends).  These needles stimulate the body to release endorphins and relax muscles.  I use a similar product in my sneakers.  The pressure points do take some getting used to, but I believe the stimulation of the pressure points will outweigh the drawback.  Please note this mat is only long enough to cover your back and possibly your buttocks.  It is not a full length mat like ones you use to exercise.  It comes with a pillow to use for neck pain. 


Prosource Acupressure Mat

Here’s an interesting invention: Berlin & Daughter – Posture Corrector.  It appears that they recommend it only for females.  Not sure why.  But I have written about how important good posture is for back pain.  My acupuncturist explained that sitting up straight with a spine stretched out is one of the best things you can do for lower back pain.  Another site recommended sitting like a line that was attached to the ceiling was pulling your spine straight.  It is so easy to get lazy and slouch.  This band looks like it would help with poor posture.

Berlin and Daughter – Posture Corrector

This Coisum Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow looks like a great find.  While it doesn’t address the back, which most of my posts include, I do have neck pain occasionally.  And spinal care is important for all parts of our body.  I noted that one reviewer said it was “the best pillow ever purchased”. I’m so thankful for options like these to help us sleep better.  Speaking of sleep, check out my article about sleep here

Coisum Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow
Autoimmune Tea Anti-Inflammatory Tea

Finally, here’s a recommendation for fighting inflammation.  The more I read, the more I understand that inflammation in the body results in pain and other issues like disease.  I know that an anti-inflammatory diet can really address that.  Foods like fish, berries, and avocado are rich in anti-inflammatory vitamins.  See this link for 13 of the best foods to fight inflammation.  And here’s a product that will add to your arsenal to fight inflammation and start feeling better.  It’s called Autoimmune Tea Anti Inflammatory Tea.  It has an Amazon’s Choice banner and 4.3 stars.  Sounds like a good investment.

Further Thoughts

I trust you are reading this post because you are in pain.  So am I.  Daily.  And as I said in a recent post, some times it is a challenge to just get out of bed.  But remember, you are responsible for how you manage your pain and how it affects you.  No one else is!  Lately, I have been purposeful in my waking up.  Sounds sort of weird huh?  But don’t you think that your first thoughts in the morning can affect your entire day?  I’m starting mine with 3 things; (learned from Tony Robbins) Gratitude, Prayer and Intentions.  I then include my Bible reading.  Or you could include a positive, inspirational reading.  Why not transform your mind with positive thoughts instead of negative?

Don’t think you can?  I researched why people can’t get motivated.  One writer concludes that you aren’t moving forward because you just aren’t ready.  She discusses four areas in our life that impact our ability to move forward; physical, emotional, financial and mental.  Check out her article here.  This article was helpful to me because I have been fighting to be motivated.  I now realize that my physical status is greatly affecting my mental strength.  This tells me I need more positive reasons and input to fight the pain and the discouragement.  Negative thoughts seem to reside in my mind much more than positive ones.  Argh!  One writer said to focus on just one goal.  And that might work for some.  But after I accomplish that one goal; i.e. getting out of bed, I have several other ones to accomplish.  Taking a shower and doing my yoga are both challenges for me.  Because of pain, I don’t want to do either one.  But then I transform my thinking.  I know I will feel better once I shower.  Being clean is invigorating.  The warm water loosens up my muscles and joints.  I think I look better.  When you look better you feel better.  Then comes the stretching.  I know I will feel less pain once my yoga stretches are done.  And the payoff starts as soon as I begin.  Yeah, once I am finished with my routine I feel stronger, and have less pain.  But even during the activity I begin to feel better.  I hope you can get moving in a direction that is positive and that will help you feel better in your search for natural pain relief.  May just start with one thing.  See how it goes.

So What Do You Think?

I would love to hear comments from you about what products or practices you have tried.  Your input can help me to help others as well.  I’ve said before that we need a community of fellow pain sufferers to encourage and support each other.  Hopefully this website is part of that community.  Please consider being a part of it too by comments and questions.  Let me know what you think is trending in natural pain products

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