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Welcome to Here you will find recommendations for natural ways to manage your pain. I am a chronic pain sufferer and hope that you find something that will help you in your suffering.

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  • The Role Of Traditional Chinese Medicine In Pain Relief
    People have been turning to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years to alleviate various pains and ailments. One authority claims it is 3000 years old. (NIH; Innovating Chinese Herbal Medicine: From Traditional Health Practice to Scientific Drug Discovery.) It’s a complex system that intertwines with the cultural and philosophical tapestry of ancient China, … Read more
  • Blanket Bliss: Unveiling the Magic of Weighted Blankets
    I have recently discovered the benefits of a weighted blanket.  It was a surprise to me that it could possibly help with my chronic pain.  But there are many more benefits from them, and here I will present a review of three blankets, with a little extra thrown in! What Is a Weighted Blanket? According … Read more
  • What Is the Purpose of a Weighted Blanket? Managing Pain!
    Well, here’s a new one.  In my continuous search for relief from my chronic pain, I have found research supporting the use of weighted blankets to manage pain!  That’s why I decided to research the topic and try a weighted blanket as well.  Here are my findings. What Is a Weighted Blanket? A weighted blanket … Read more
  • How Gratitude and Pain Made Me a Better Person (I Think!)
    Can pain and gratitude make you a better person? Although there is not an extensive amount of scientific data that states that gratitude can affect pain, there is some evidence that gratitude can provide some positive outcomes in our brain and body.  Therefore, gratitude might be a practice you want to start to implement in … Read more
  • What Is Pain Reprocessing Therapy? | Will It Help Chronic Pain?
    What Is Pain Reprocessing Therapy and Will It Help My Chronic Pain?  Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a psychological treatment that teaches patients to think differently about their pain.  Recent research reports that in some patients that underwent the training, pain decreased or disappeared.  Will It Help My Chronic Pain?  Read further to find out.   … Read more