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Welcome to Here you will find recommendations for natural ways to manage your pain. I am a chronic pain sufferer and hope that you find something that will help you in your suffering.

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  • Are Ice Packs Good for Chronic Pain? In a Word; Yes!
    Are ice packs good for chronic pain?  In a word; yes!  Depending on your type of chronic pain, ice can be applied to a painful part of your body to reduce inflammation.  It is most effective when used soon after pain symptoms start.  For those of us with chronic pain, it is an inexpensive and … Read more
  • How Education Helped Me With My Chronic Pain
    Education helped me with my chronic pain by providing tools to manage it, groups to associate with, and actions to take to live a better life.  If you want more from your life despite your chronic pain, then I hope this article will help you.   Introduction Though numbers vary nationally and internationally, the most consistent … Read more
  • Which Pillow Should I Sleep With Between My Knees?
    Which Pillow Should I Sleep With Between My Knees? The best advice I have found for which pillow I should sleep with between my knees is that it depends upon your needs.  I have spent some time researching the types of pillows out there and here are my recommendations;   Contour Legacy, Coop Home Goods, … Read more
  • Pillow In Between Your Legs For Pain Relief
    Introduction I have chronic pain.  It is like sciatica.  How about you?  And my pain interferes with my sleeping.  Which is why I am writing about a pillow in between your legs.  This may provide some relief from your pain while you sleep. Who May Benefit From Sleeping with a Pillow In Between Your Legs? … Read more
  • Exercises for Sciatica Pain – Natural Pain Relief
    Introduction Hello.  Are you a chronic pain sufferer like me?  Is sciatica pain your problem?  Do you think you shouldn’t exercise because of the pain?  Read further to find out why you should use exercises for sciatica pain.   What is Sciatica Pain? Also called sciatic neuritis, this is pain that originates from the spine.  Usually … Read more