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I’ve been reading a book titled, Pain, the Gift Nobody Wants, by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey.  This book challenged me to look at my pain differently.  One of the author’s premises is that we in the Western world focus on how to get rid of pain, instead of accepting and
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Pain.  Nobody wants to have it.  Few people want to hear you talk about it.  But for some of us it is a reality.  It is a constant companion. My pain has changed my life.  I am limited in my physical activities.  It hurts to walk.  And I know exercise, which is
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Welcome to Natural Pain Remedies. My goal is to assist you in relieving your pain. MY STORY I have been active most of my life, taking for granted my health and my ability to walk, swim, and workout. Being a senior, I was motivated to stay in shape and maximize my “golden