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Find articles here that are natural remedies for your pain.

Welcome to Here you will find recommendations for natural ways to manage your pain. I am a chronic pain sufferer and hope that you find something that will help you in your suffering.

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  • Can Epsom Salt Relieve Pain? But Not In A Way That You Think.
    Yes!  But not in a way that you think.   Can Epsom Salt Relieve Pain? But Not In A Way That You Think. Science has not proven that soaking in Epsom salt relieves pain. But it may have other benefits. What is Epsom Salt? Also referred to as Epsoms Salt or Epsom Salts.  The most common … Read more
  • Can Reflexology Treat Chronic Pain? Yes, It Can!
    Research shows that yes, reflexology can treat chronic pain.  It is a natural treatment with very few side effects.  Read this article to learn about reflexology and if it is right for you. What is Reflexology? Reflexology is a natural practice that applies pressure through a type of massage, to specific areas of the hands … Read more
  • Can Ginger Be Used To Treat Chronic Pain?
    Research shows that yes, you can use ginger to manage your pain.  It is especially helpful for arthritis.  Read to learn more about how ginger can help you.   But First a Confession I admit I have been avoiding writing about ginger because I don’t care for the taste.  At least I thought I didn’t.  Yeah, … Read more
  • Can Lavender Soothe Chronic Pain? Yes, According to Science!
    Studies show that yes, lavender can soothe chronic pain.  And it is a natural product, which has other health benefits besides soothing pain.  Read more to find out about lavender.  Introduction If you are looking for a natural pain remedy, then you should check out lavender.   Lavender has been promoted as a sleep aid, and … Read more
  • What Is Coping Flexibility? Can It Help With Chronic Pain?
    What Is Coping Flexibility? Coping Flexibility is a term used to describe a person’s ability to learn new ways to deal with stress or trauma.  It recognizes that some behaviors may not be working to help the person feel better or live better.  So they seek alternatives to coping with life.  Thus they are practicing … Read more