Natural Ways to Relieve Pain

How to Relieve Pain Naturally kareni/Pixabay


Are you interested in how to relieve pain naturally?  Are you proactive about your health? I think you must be, or you wouldn’t be here reading this post right now.

You, like me, are looking for ways to relieve your pain. And to relieve it without using medication or resorting to surgery or shots. In my research I have found other information that might assist you in your search to relieve your pain naturally. But it does require you to take action to relieve your pain naturally.  Here are three ways to relieve pain naturally that should help you to take action and find some relief.  


Many foods can impact us in a negative way, which makes our pain greater. Other foods can actually calm the pain, decreasing the affects of pain.

Cut These Foods

Apparently saturated fat intake can create adipose fat inflammation, according to the National Cancer Institute. And inflammation leads to pain. Our love of pizza and cheese are culprits here.

According to the British Nutrition Foundation there are five foods you should try to cut back on to reduce your saturated fat intake. They are:

  • Butter
  • Cream cheese
  • Fatty meats
  • Meat products
  • Cakes and cookies. (They call them biscuits.) So the action here is not so much what to do, but what not to do! And isn’t it just so sad that these are some of the things we love? I’ve told my friends that I can be happy with just a nice piece of french bread and butter. Well, I better limit that if I want to feel better!

Eat These Foods

On the other hand, eating foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation, according to Dr. Axe ( Some foods that contain omegas are:

  • Wild caught salmon
  • Raisins
  • Walnuts.

Other recommended foods that fight inflammation are blackberries, blueberries, and cherries. Those blueberries are such a powerful food anyway, that it doesn’t take much to add them to your diet. They are even good snack food.

How to Relieve Pain Naturally

Movement, Exercise, Posture

Just today, because I had a wakeful night, I finally got around to doing my stretches. I usually start my day with them. So I was functioning with some pain. I disciplined myself to do my stretches after lunch. What a difference! It was a good lesson for me.

See, starting my day with stretches helps me avoid the pain or lessen it throughout the day. But doing it in the middle of the day, I saw instant relief. I can’t stress enough the importance of some movement or stretching. Exercise releases endorphins also! These hormones are the body’s natural pain killers. So you get a one two punch to your pain.  You can see what I am currently using for my stretch program here.  Back to Life with Emily Lark, and Jane Adam’s Gentle Yoga.

Did you know that walking has an impact on your pain? Most of us know the benefits to our heart, our blood pressure, and our blood glucose. Walking burns calories and makes us fitter. But it also helps manage pain. Again, the body releases endorphins while we walk, thus lowering our pain levels naturally. It’s like you are taking a pill to lessen your pain. But the body is producing the pill! Ha!

Furthermore, you are loosening your joints, stretching muscles, and increasing oxygen intake. There are other forms of exercise that are low impact. Swimming comes to mind. Biking would be another low impact exercise. There was a time that riding my bike was the only time I was pain free. As I went along in this journey, I found other ways to lessen my pain.

Physical therapy has helped many with pain management. I was able to get a referral from my pain management doctor. I told him I didn’t want to go the traditional western medicine route and get a shot. I believe you truly have to advocate for yourself regarding this, because most doctors just don’t recommend this first. So I was able to go for several sessions of physical therapy.

I believe here in CA you have to get a referral for physical therapy. But it still wasn’t cheap. I think it’s cheaper than medication or shots or surgery though. And since it’s natural, you don’t have to worry about side effects. I found the therapists to be very personable and caring. They teach you exercises specifically for your situation and then give you homework to practice them.

Did you know your posture can also impact your pain level? My acupuncturist told me to sit up straight. Most of us slouch in our chairs. One website said to picture a rod, like a plumb line, going from the ceiling to the floor. Align your spine with that. It takes work! And a conscious effort!

How to Relieve Pain Naturally


Stick your chest out. Keep your neck straight. I sometimes feel self conscious about this, like I’m trying to look uppity. But it makes a difference. This is a kind of continuous stretch that pulls the vertebra off the discs and relieves pressure. Ahhhh! Also, be sure to regularly gently twist your neck from side to side and up and down. Staring at our phones and computer screens for long periods of time can negatively impact our posture.  (Don’t do what the guy in the picture is doing; he isn’t sitting up straight.)

Your Bed

Have you thought about how your mattress may be contributing to your pain? This was one of the first things I did when my pain began; to buy a new mattress. My pain caused fitful nights, because I couldn’t get into a comfortable position. Finding a new mattress that supported my spine was a good investment. I read that you should change your mattress every 7 – 10 years. But I think the key criterion should be if it is giving you support. I wish I could recommend a brand.

I bought mine from a local business which has them made specifically for the business. He is a military veteran and all his products are made in America. I wanted to support that. His business is Cost Plus Mattress in La Verne, CA just in case you live locally.

I did some more research though and found a company that has natural products and is highly rated.  It’s called NaturePedic; click on the name to go to their website. 

How to Relieve Pain Naturally


Remember, I am not a doctor. I am just a fellow pain sufferer. I make these recommendations in hope that one or more of them help you in your suffering. See my other posts for other remedies that may help you in overcoming your pain. And please leave a comment or question. Your interaction may help another sufferer toward relief.


I have merely scratched the surface here in regards to helpful ways to reduce pain.  I welcome your comments and questions.  Involving yourself in this community benefits all of us.  Please comment.

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