Benefits of Drinking Water and Pain

We have all heard that we should drink plenty of water.  But can drinking water help to manage pain?  Read further to find out the benefits of drinking water and pain.

Benefits of Drinking Water and Pain

So, there isn’t any proof that water can relieve pain, but it does make for a healthier body.  However, it has been shown to reduce inflammation, and increase the fluid in joints (synovial fluid), so that they are better able to function.


Let’s talk about inflammation.  Inflammation can cause pain.  I have intermittent pain in my big toe joint, which I can tell has inflammation in it.  This occurred after a bout and hospitalization for diverticulitis.  Diagnosis was possible gout!

My chiropractor said it was possible the toxins settled in that joint after my hospitalization.  I had borderline sepsis, so there was inflammation in my blood.  I was pretty sick.

Now I have a barometer to let me know my body isn’t functioning at its optimum.  My toe.

Therefore we want to avoid inflammation.  And one way to fight that is by drinking enough water.  I wrote another article about anti-inflammatory foods if you want some more information. 

How does drinking water fight inflammation?  Apparently toxins cause inflammation, and drinking plenty of water flushes them from our system.  But let’s pause here for a minute.  Do you know what a toxin actually is?  

Benefits of Drinking Water and Pain


Generally a toxin is a poisonous compound that can have mild to severe effects on our body.  A well known toxin is cigarette smoking, which damages the lungs.  But do you have to worry about toxins if you don’t smoke?

Well, sort of.  Because we have polluted our planet, there are toxins that we breathe in.  And there are toxins that are in our food.  

Some foods contain products that can be toxic if enough of them are consumed.  The more processed a food is, the more chemicals it contains.  So here is a good motivation to eat as close to natural and raw foods as possible.  

I’m assuming the toxins in my body after my hospitalization were from the infection that my body was trying to fight.  And probably some side effects from the powerful antibiotics they gave me.  

So I want to drink water to flush out the toxins and therefore avoid inflammation and other issues related to that.  Read this article for an enlightening discussion of toxins.  

Synovial Fluid Depends on Water

First of all, what is that?  It is the fluid that has an egg white consistency that resides in between our joints.  It is the “liquid” that works between joints to keep them from rubbing against each other.  (Along with cartilage.)

The breakdown of this fluid is associated with many illnesses, including both kinds of arthritis, sepsis (again!), infection, bowel disease, gout and lupus, to name a few.  Here’s more information from Wikipedia.  

And guess what water does for this fluid?  Lots!  It helps our body to actually produce synovial fluid.  Then of course it reduces inflammation around the joint.  Finally it can increase the growth of cells around the joint and cartilage.  

So, I want to drink water to keep my body producing new cells and synovial fluid!

Clearer Thinking Depends on Plenty of Water

Most of us can’t wait to have that morning wake up cup of coffee. But better yet would be to down a glass of water first. This kick starts all the systems in our body and brain. And clearer thinking can be accomplished by staying hydrated throughout the day.

Some More Fun Tips; She’s really enthusiastic!

A Wake Up Call

Studies show that most people do not drink enough water.  One study I read stated that only 22% of over 3000 people drank enough water.  Only 22%!  This means that less than a fourth of people are maintaining a healthy environment for their body to function.  No wonder there are so many health problems!

I heard a story from WWII about two prison camps.  Neither one had any medical supplies.  But one had a doctor who encouraged the prisoners to drink lots of water.  This camp had fewer diseases.  This is very convincing to me.

Are you drinking enough water?  If you are one of those three out of four people, then you probably aren’t.  I know I wasn’t drinking enough in my younger years.  

How much should you be drinking?  We have all heard of the 64 ounces requirement.  But new information gives us a little more to look at.  Men should drink more than women.  Men should drink about 100 ounces daily.  Women should drink about 73 ounces daily.  

Take Action

If you have read any of my other posts, you know I am all about being proactive about my health.  Which translates into taking responsibility and action.  

This website is a result of that.  I want to feel my best, despite my pain.  Can drinking plenty of water help that?  I think so!  Maybe it won’t rid me of the pain caused by my spinal stenosis, but it can help reduce inflammation and optimize my joint health.

So how can you take action?  Well, basically, drink more water!  How?  Being mindful to start with.  Do you plan out your day?  Can you add a drink of water every so often?  How about making sure you have a glass or two at every meal.  This has been shown to help you eat less!  

Use a Water Tracking App

Benefits of Drinking Water and Pain

I also recommend using a water tracking app on your phone.  I have used two different ones.  Neither one is perfect for my needs, but it’s better than nothing.  And for now I only need the free ones.  

My needs are basic.  I want an app that:

  • Keeps track of how much water I drink
  • Makes it easy to enter the information
  • Is free

For the longest time I used an app called My Water.  I liked it because it reminded me to drink.  And it was easy to enter my information.  You can choose from set amounts or enter your own.  But in the past few weeks it is filled with ads that I can’t close.  Which stops me from entering my information.  And is irritating as well.

So I have switched to Water Reminder – Daily Tracker.  So far, no ads.  You have to choose the amount from a slider scale.  But I feel judged by it because it says I have reached my sugar intake maximum, or my caffeine maximum.  So still open to finding something I like better.


Have you used a water app?  Which one?  Why do you like it?  I’m open to trying something new.  Leave a comment.  

Questions?  Please ask them here.  Other comments?  Please leave them here.  I’d love to hear from you.

I’m not a doctor or trained medical professional.  I just spend hours researching my topics and then write about them, in hopes that I will help one or two people that suffer with chronic pain.  Have I helped you?

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