Pillow In Between Your Legs For Pain Relief


I have chronic pain.  It is like sciatica.  How about you?  And my pain interferes with my sleeping.  Which is why I am writing about a pillow in between your legs.  This may provide some relief from your pain while you sleep.

Pillow In Between Your Legs For Pain Relief

Who May Benefit From Sleeping with a Pillow In Between Your Legs?

Sleeping with a pillow in between your legs is indicated especially for people with back pain, sciatic pain and hip pain.  With a pillow between your legs, you are stopping the upper leg from rolling and sending pain signals.  But there are other reasons to use a pillow between your legs.  

One reason is that it keeps your hips and pelvis aligned, which relieves pressure on other parts of the body.  Further, you are aligning your spine in this position, and an aligned spine is a healthy spine.  

A pillow can even help those with sleep apnea, as an aligned spine reduces the incidence of breathing abnormalities.  

Did you know that those with knee pain may also benefit?  The most common knee complaint is a torn meniscus, and using a pillow takes pressure off those painful knees.  

Lastly, it aids circulation, thus helping the heart to do its work.  

So many benefits, don’t you think?

Pillow In Between Your Legs For Pain Relief

Why a Pillow Helps

The pillow raises your top leg and removes pressure from your hip, and buttock.  Hopefully, this means the pain is reduced.  This should be especially true with sciatic pain or disc pain.  I find that I frequently have to adjust my positions while sitting and lying down to find a comfortable position.  A pillow gives me even more options as I move it to find relief from pain.

The pillow acts as a natural aligner.  As it straightens the pull on the pelvis, that means there is less stress on your spine as well.  We know that sleep restores our body, and if we can provide adjustments in our body to promote health, then I think even more restoration should take place.  

From this we might experience a better posture and feel better than ever when we get up.  Good posture is vital to a healthy spine and a healthy body.  

I wrote an article with more sleep hints for those of us in pain. Check it out here; How To Sleep With Chronic Pain.

How To Use a Pillow Between Your Legs

Experiment with types of pillows and placement location.  You may have to use more than one to achieve your goal.  Some places recommend two pillows.  Some recommend a device specifically made for between your legs.  

I would start out with pillows I have on hand.  No need to buy something if what you have on hand works!  

The goal is to experience a lifting of the top leg off the bottom leg so that the top leg is not pulling down the pelvis.  Take some time to find a comfortable position where you can achieve this.  

The added benefit to this is that it stops you from rolling the top leg over in front of yourself.  That action takes the spine out of alignment.  

The other goal is to experience a straightening of the spine as much as possible.  Imagine maintaining good posture in bed as you do when you are sitting.  From the videos I have researched it appears that your top knee is elevated above your hip.  But find what is comfortable.  

Any repositioning that basically relieves the pull of the top leg on the spine, hip or sciatic nerve should serve you well.

This video shows two chiropractors who are very delightful and unassuming.  They give some expert advice for using pillows for a number of issues.

What Pillow Should You Use?

There seem to be many choices out there that may or may not help.  I plan to do more research on which types are most popular and which help the most.  In the meantime I have found a few brands/types that you might be interested in.

But first, as I stated above, just start out with pillows you have on hand. And not just bed pillows.  Maybe you have a throw pillow that might work.  Try different ones, and then try a night without pillows.  What difference do you notice?  It is important to keep track of results so you can know what works and what doesn’t work.

Here Are Some Brands/types That I Found From My Research

Legacy Contour Leg Pillow – This pillow claims to be made for the type of issues I have been talking about here.  It aligns the back, hips, legs and knees.  It stabilizes your body so you don’t roll and cause pain.  The fact that it rests between the knees keeps the bone on bone from happening.  

This company also manufactures bed wedges and seat cushions.  Here is a link to their site.  

Cushion Labs Side Sleeper Contour Pillow – This is one of those funny shaped pillows that is ergonomically designed.   Also claims to keep legs positioned correctly and aligned with the spine.  Made from Memory Foam.  Comes in two sizes. Here is their link.  

The Company Store Knee and Leg Posture Pillow – This pillow is unusual in that it is longer than all the others and almost looks like a regular pillow.  It’s unique feature is that it is moldable to the user’s needs.  I like the way it looks and want to cuddle up to it right now!  Click here to check it out.  

Sleep Number Knee Pillow – This company is the only one I recognized by name.  I didn’t know they made a special pillow.  Ergonomically shaped like the Cushion Lab pillow, but with a soft plush cover that you want to stroke.  Claiming to be a more economical choice, it appears to offer the same support and aligning features.  Here’s their link.  


If it hurts you to do any of this, don’t!  Talk to your doctor.  

Also, if you have pain on both sides of your body, sleeping on your back with a pillow under your legs may be more beneficial. 


I am not a medical professional.  I am just a fellow sufferer.  These recommendations are made because I have found some relief from using just regular pillows to relieve some pain in my buttock due to spinal stenosis.  I will continue to research and look for better products.  

Consult your doctor for further recommendations.  

Questions or comments please note below.  

Sometimes I have affiliate links to products that I recommend.  I do not have any such links in this article.  The links are for your convenience only.  

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