What Is Pain Reprocessing Therapy? | Will It Help Chronic Pain?

What Is Pain Reprocessing Therapy and Will It Help My Chronic Pain?  Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT) is a psychological treatment that teaches patients to think differently about their pain.  Recent research reports that in some patients that underwent the training, pain decreased or disappeared.  Will It Help My Chronic Pain?  Read further to find out.   … Read more

Will Turmeric Help My Pain? Yes, According to Science.

Will turmeric help my pain? Yes, according to science. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can decrease your pain. And it is a natural remedy. Read further to find out more. Flower of the Turmeric Plant/Mouse23/Pixabay Which Spelling Is Correct? Either way is acceptable; turmeric or tumeric.  And so is the pronunciation.  Just in case you … Read more

What Is Inflammation in the Body and How Does It Affect Pain?

Inflammation in the body refers to a defense reaction to attacks on the body. The body reacts to injury, viruses, and bacteria by manning an offense to repair. Inflammation is a result of the soldiers bringing healing cells to the site. I have chronic pain, and have seen over and over again that pain is … Read more

Can Epsom Salt Relieve Pain? But Not In A Way That You Think.

Yes!  But not in a way that you think.   Can Epsom Salt Relieve Pain? But Not In A Way That You Think. Science has not proven that soaking in Epsom salt relieves pain. But it may have other benefits. What is Epsom Salt? Also referred to as Epsoms Salt or Epsom Salts.  The most common … Read more