Website Building for Beginners

Are you unfamiliar with how to build a website?  Do you want to learn?  Well, I have just the thing for website building for beginners!


A few of you have asked how I built this website. As many of you know, I never dreamed I would be doing such a thing a couple of years ago.  But in my surfing the web, I was lead to this business I am featuring in this post.  My search was centered around working from home.  And I am a senior with pain issues.  So my limitations/search terms were: working from home, working when in pain, and work opportunities for seniors.

Yes, I confess those terms limited my results.  Nevertheless, I found this program called Wealthy Affiliate.  Let me explain the program.  (Or in internet terms; the platform.)  You can check it out right away by going here.

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

This platform is a program that teaches you all you need to know about creating your very own website!  You don’t need to know coding, or design, or be a computer wizard.  I knew nothing about any of that.  While the chief aim with this program is to generate income from your website, you have the important outcome of having a website that bears your name and carries your writing.  The emphasis on affiliate means that you are able to affiliate with hundreds of companies, recommend their products, and make income from the referrals.

But Wealthy Affiliate is so much more.  Read on to find out what Wealthy Affiliate provides.

Why Did I Chose This Program?

The criteria that I used to evaluate this program were:

Reasonably priced; First off, you can join for a week for free!  That way you can immerse yourself in the training and decide if this organization is the right one for you.  If you decide it is, the first month is $19.00.  As you continue, it is $49.00/month.   There is an annual option as well which is currently: $495.00/year (which equals $41.25/month).

Extensive Training; One of the founders of this program, Kyle, has created hundreds of videos to walk you through each step on your journey.  Along with the videos are lessons to work through and assignments to complete.  All these assignments work toward you building your website.

Ongoing Training; New training is offered regularly.  There is so much out there, I have barely scratched the surface!  But almost every time I have a question, I can find a training to answer them.  Along with what they call classrooms, we are treated to a weekly training by Jay.  Jay provides a live webinar every Friday to all WA members.  You are able to live chat and ask questions on the topic he is teaching.

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Technical Support;  Sometimes I run into a technical issue that I can’t resolve.  This is where the tech support folks come in.  You are able to ask any questions in this area and they will respond; usually within minutes.  This feature is one that I really appreciate.  Because we all know that reaching tech support for almost anything is stressful.  Not here at Wealthy Affiliate!

All the Tools I Need to Create a Website; The program provides all the software you need to build your website.  These are not cookie cutter formats.  You decide how you want the layout to look, what images you want to add, and what topics you want to write about.  Within the program you learn about domain names, keyword research, search results in Google, and much more.  I didn’t know what any of those were until I started here!

A Community of Fellow Builders; We call each other WAers.  We are a community of like minded individuals that are working from home to build our business.  Many folks here know much more than me, but are willing to share their expertise and knowledge to help me.  It becomes a pay if forward community.  A couple of times I have been able to help someone, as I have been helped.  What a great feeling!

Here’s a sample of the beginning of the training course; chock full of information about the program!  Watch and learn!

WA Affiliate Bootcamp – Getting Your Business Rolling

Why Is This Post on a Pain Site?

Are you wondering why this post is here on my pain site?  Well, I figured if you are in pain, you might not be able to work a regular job.  That is one of the issues that lead me to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place.  So I thought it would be helpful to feature this program just in case you are in pain and need a place to become a blogger and make some income.  Wealthy Affiliate is that place.

Not a Get Rich Quick Scheme

This is not a get rich quick scheme.  This is work.  If you need to get rich quick, then go elsewhere.  But if you want to build something with quality that will provide income down the road, then this is the product for you.  It will:

  • Keep you engaged in a community and in current events.  It will stretch your mind and increase your knowledge.
  • Keep you appraised of current events within the internet community and around the world.  The people at WA are from all over the world.
  • Provide you with an income opportunity if you are in pain and unable to work a normal job.

It is also not an MLM.  Although I do receive a referral fee if you join by clicking on my links, it is not an MLM where you must buy products and sell them and keep your down line selling.  You can generate income from your affiliate links, ads, and referrals.  Your income will be based on how hard you work.

Here’s an example of a referral link.  This takes you to Jaaxy, which is a keyword search tool.  If you sign up, I get a percentage of the fees.  And you get the benefits of one of the most amazing tools for keyword research. (Or join Wealthy Affiliate which comes with a free version of Jaaxy.)

I am still building my sites and learning.  I do have ads on one of my sites which are starting to generate a few cents.  It takes time, but the opportunity is there to make money.

An Unexpected Blessing

Before I started writing for my websites, I struggled with creating articles, or what is called “content”.  My goal was to share research I had found regarding natural pain remedies.  However, now that I have been at this for awhile, I find writing is much easier.  It flows and I am able to do in a couple hours what it took me a week to do before.  I have discovered I can write and have something important to say!  This is an unexpected blessing.

The program recommends you create a website themed around what you are good at or what you have a passion for.  People have gaming sites, pet sites, healthy eating site, and more.  What is your passion?  Do you want to write about it?  This is the place for that.

Here’s an example of a recent post.  Distraction Techniques for Pain.  I’m quite proud of it!  Not too shabby for someone that didn’t know what they were doing a couple of years ago!  ?

Wealthy Affiliate

Now What?

Why not click on my link here and go to the welcome page.  From there you can join and then get started right away.  I recommend you make the most of that free week.  Learn as much as you can.  That way you will be able to determine if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.  And it didn’t cost you anything to find out!

If you are interested, please click on this link.

I actually get a percentage from this referral if you join.  So I thank you in advance should you chose to pursue this.

Comment on this post so I can stay in contact with you as you go through this experience.  I will admit it is hard work, and the learning curve for me has been huge, but I am very happy to have this opportunity, which is why I am sharing it with you.

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