Can Ginger Be Used To Treat Chronic Pain?

Research shows that yes, you can use ginger to manage your pain.  It is especially helpful for arthritis.  Read to learn more about how ginger can help you.   But First a Confession I admit I have been avoiding writing about ginger because I don’t care for the taste.  At least I thought I didn’t.  Yeah, … Read more

Are Ice Packs Good for Chronic Pain? In a Word; Yes!

Are ice packs good for chronic pain?  In a word; yes!  Depending on your type of chronic pain, ice can be applied to a painful part of your body to reduce inflammation.  It is most effective when used soon after pain symptoms start.  For those of us with chronic pain, it is an inexpensive and … Read more

Benefits of Drinking Water and Pain

We have all heard that we should drink plenty of water.  But can drinking water help to manage pain?  Read further to find out the benefits of drinking water and pain. So, there isn’t any proof that water can relieve pain, but it does make for a healthier body.  However, it has been shown to … Read more

Is Green Tea A Pain Reliever for Chronic Pain?

Is green tea a pain reliever for chronic pain? Yes, it can be, mainly because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation. Inflammation is closely related to pain, so drinking green tea may help you feel better. Introduction Are you in pain today? I am. Looking for some relief? I’m trying a new option. … Read more