Is There a Best Natural Pain Reliever?

Best Natural Pain Remedy
Best Natural Pain Remedy
Gyorgy Bakos

Let’s step back and consider all the remedies and pain relievers I have talked about on this website. Is there a Best Natural Pain Reliever?  What do you think?  I would love to know about what you have found to help you.  You would be helping me and others!

I’ve written articles about acupuncture, yoga, foods, meditation, and CBD oil.  I’ve mentioned chiropractic, essential oils, physical therapy and supplements.  I’ve come to the conclusion that there is much out there that doesn’t work, and a few things that do.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that different treatments work differently for different people.  Just like prescription medication.  One person may have a reaction to a side effect and another person may not.  Just today I was speaking with my acupuncturist, Dr. Terry Chang while I was getting treatment.  I asked if he treated people for anxiety.  He responded that he does.  But he was quick to point out that it worked for some people and not for others.  And I am sure it is difficult to quantify results.  The same can be said for other treatments.

Some Options to Consider


Harless Todd

You can view many of my previous posts for various options I have investigated.  As I research Natural Pain Remedies I search various articles regarding this topic.  Movement and exercise actually are promoted as natural choices to manage pain.  I have found yoga and stretches to be helpful for me.  An article on in their lifestyle section mentions yoga, Pilates and hydrotherapy.  Click here to review it.  In addition, I found this great article that includes video clips of exercises that can relieve hip pain, from Medical News Today.  Check it out here.  Or here are some exercises to use for sore muscles from too much sitting or computer work, from The Indian Express.

Even a walk releases endorphins which are feel good hormones that can counteract the pain hormones.  If you haven’t done much walking or any type of exercise lately, start small and slowly.  You can build up to more as you get stronger and feel better.  I used to work out for 2.5 hours before I was hit by chronic pain.  Now I am thankful to be able to walk for 1/2 an hour.  And that took months to be able to do.


We all know laughter is good for our mental health.  Well, it’s good for our physical health also.  An article in Better Homes and Gardens gives 5 reasons why laughter is good for mental health.  But it mentions relief of pain as well.  Click here for article.  You might ask, well what have I got to laugh about?  I’m in pain!  That’s where YouTube comes in.  I frequently search it for funny videos.  While I’m not a big fan of people hurting themselves, there is some funny stuff out there.  I have been enjoying Steve Harvey on Family Feud.  Here’s my favorite clip. (The best part starts at 1:06)  If you don’t laugh at this, I’m sorry.

I’ve said before that it helps to have friends and family around that can make you laugh.  I’m very thankful I have a few of those people in my life.  You don’t need many, but a few close ones are golden who know your suffering and are willing to be there for you.

Alternative Therapy Treatments

Treatments that are available are becoming more and more popular, thankfully.  Acupuncture, chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage come to mind easily.  I have discussed acupuncture on one of my other posts.  I have experienced chiropractic but I am currently not using this treatment.  However, I know it works and highly recommend it.  (Probably a topic for another post.)  I have also experienced physical therapy and massage.  PT did not help me, but that is just me.  I imagine others are helped by it.  Massage was very helpful and enjoyable.  More research is needed for me to comment further on these topics.  But I strongly recommend you investigate these options.

Meditation and mindfulness are other options.  I discuss Meditation here.  I have not researched mindfulness enough to post about it yet.  But I see that many people have found relief from suffering using this practice.

My Experience

I have now suffered with chronic pain for over three years.  I am thankful the horror of waking up in the middle of the night unable to move without screaming pain is a dark memory.  But it took months of painful suffering to find the right combination of relief for me.  I was told by the traditional western medicine doctor to get a shot.  I told him I wanted to try physical therapy first.  In the meantime, I began my quest to find relief naturally.  I still believe there are other options out there I have yet to discover, so I will keep researching.


Wouldn’t you agree that we each need to seek out treatments until we find what works for us?  There are so many options, which is one reason I have created this website.  My research was motivated by my pain.  This website became an outgrowth of it.  I want it to be helpful to everyone.  It is my intention to discuss the different remedies from a fellow sufferer’s viewpoint.  I’m not promoting one over the other, although I know what has worked for me and what hasn’t.  But you will probably be different.

You do have to take responsibility for your health and pain relief though!  Get going today!  Who knows, you might feel better tomorrow.

Please leave comments.  I welcome them and believe they will be helpful to me in my search and for others in their journey.  Thanks.

When I recommend a website I receive no financial gain.  I just recommend what I have found to be helpful and hope it might help you.  If you see a product that I have a link for, and you purchase it, I do receive a small compensation for that.  Furthermore, if you purchase something from an ad featured on my website, I also receive some compensation.  Thank you in advance.

Review of Jane Adams’ Gentle Yoga DVD – A Self Care Natural Solution for Pain and Inflammation

yoga, natural stretches, pain
yoga, natural stretches, pain
Gentle Yoga

Review of DVD Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams

Format: DVD
Rating: I give it 5 stars


Following is a review of the DVD Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams – Strength, Balance, Flexibility. This program has made a huge difference in my pain management.  I am finding it is vital to stretch my body on a regular basis to lessen my pain.  And this program is very easy to follow and use.

Do you have questions about yoga?  Don’t worry, this DVD doesn’t go into any Hindu practices.  As a Christian, I worried about that when I first began investigating pain management options.  Yoga’s original purpose appears to be to balance the mind and body.  Originally it combined meditation, deep breathing and various postures.

But this series only concentrates on the postures and relaxed breathing.  It is surprising how we forget to breathe properly when we are exercising.  In this presentation, Jane reminds us constantly to breathe, coordinating the inhale and exhale with the movements.  This is helpful because it does force the body to relax.  And when our bodies are more relaxed, the pain doesn’t seem as bad.  Also, while concentrating on breathing, we focus less on our pain.  Apparently with the stretches, practiced on a regular basis, we can experience more flexibility, increased muscle tone, and increased strength.  So many benefits from simple stretches!

What Subjects are Covered?

The DVD is divided into six sections.  The first one is the Introduction.  In the introduction she talks about the series and states how easy it is to start.  She even has a disclaimer that tells you to go easy on yourself and not attempt any stretch that hurts.   She is very engaging in this and it is an encouragement to start the program.  The next five sections are actual yoga exercises.  They are, Lying Warm-ups (20 minutes), Balancing and Standing Poses (33 minutes), Upper Body (13 minutes), Torso and Leg Strength & Flexibility (20 minutes), and Relaxation (7 minutes).  

Depending on which sequence you are using you will need a yoga mat (#2,5 and 6), a chair (#4) and maybe a blanket.  So thankfully your expenditures are only the DVD and a mat.

Why I Like This DVD

Jane has a sweet calm spirit.  Her voice is very relaxing.  But what I particularly like is how specific she is in her instructions.  She tells you exactly how to move each part of your body that is involved in that particular pose.  She takes it very slow.  She is very deliberate.  She is so considerate in explaining the exercise that you don’t even have to look at the screen.  This is vital sometimes if your head is turned away or you are lying on the floor.  I found it very helpful because I had not done yoga before.

I am 68, and was afraid I was too old to start something new like this.  But because the back cover of the DVD states that it is “perfect for mid-lifers”, I thought I would give it a try.  I am so glad I did.  It is some of the best money I have ever spent.  These regular exercises have helped me manage my pain in a natural way.  My pain is less than when I first developed the problem.  I believe it is from the stretches I do.  I have noticed that if I skip a couple of days (usually because of a busy morning) that I pay for it in pain.  And I have seen other benefits from the stretches.  They include, less pain overall, more flexibility, better balance, feeling younger, and a calmer mind.  Also, if you are afraid of some “spiritual” emphasis on yoga practices, you won’t find them in this video.  I steer clear of mysticism so I was happy to see that Jane didn’t include that in this video.

How I Use This DVD

I make it a regular practice to use this DVD.  My goal is to do it five days a week, but if I can do it more than that, I will.  The benefits are worth it.  I combine it with another DVD that I reviewed.  It is Back to Life by Emily Lark.  Go here to see the review.  I use the first section of Emily’s stretches, which takes about 10 minutes.  Then I use the Torso and Leg Strength & Flexibility in this DVD for 20 minutes.  One of THE BEST uses of 30 minutes that I can think of!  Since I am fairly new to yoga, I am not familiar with all the other benefits, but I am sure more experienced practitioners could add more comments.  I hope anyone that wants to comment or add wisdom will do so.  Your involvement will help us all.

I like to start my day off with these stretches.  I find if I don’t, I get too busy and forget about doing it.  I’m sure you’ve heard that you must schedule exercise into your daily routine.  I agree.  That’s why one of my philosophies is to be proactive about my health.  Nobody knows my body like I do.  And no one can take as good care of it as I can.  Isn’t your good health your responsibility?  And don’t you want to do something about your pain?  Then, if it is at all possible for you to stretch, I recommend you try this.

Here is a clip from another DVD.  Although it is a different one, it shows how gentle she is and how easy it is to follow her.

Jane Adams “Gentle Yoga: 7 Practices for Your Day”


I highly recommend this DVD.  It has helped me to feel better!  I hope that it would do the same for you.

You can assist all of us in the pain community by posting your comments.  Can you recommend something that has helped you?  I would be glad to investigate it.  Perhaps it will help others.

If you want to start out slowly with an easy DVD, this is the one to use.

Thanks for reading this review.  Please leave comments or questions below.  I will respond to all comments in a timely manner.


Review of Emily Lark’s Back to Life DVD – A Natural Remedy for Pain

Review of Emily Lark's Back to Life

This will be a review of Emily Lark’s DVD called Back to Life; The Complete Healthy Back System.  

Back to Life DVD


I have been using this DVD for several months now.  It has helped me manage my pain, and I highly recommend it as a natural remedy to people who suffer from back pain.  I actually suffer from pain in my hip, but these stretches have helped me find relief.  She specifically talks about sciatica pain in the first level.  The same exercise that helps with that pain, helps me with my hip pain, so I can attest to it’s effectiveness.  She also addresses neck and shoulder pain.  And provides stretches for those areas.  Remember that I am not a medical professional, so please check with your doctor before you start these exercises.

Apparently Emily has had severe back pain and her search for a healthy way to deal with it resulted in this video.  I admire her for being a fellow pain sufferer and being proactive in her search for a solution.  She understands our struggles.

The cover of the DVD says; The 3-level Healthy Back Video Series, Companion Manual and Healthy Back Checklist.  That said, the manual covers the exercises in the first level.  The checklist is a two page list of practices to help your back.  The series is 3 different levels of stretches.  Level 1 is about 10 minutes, level 2 is about 20 minutes and level 3 is about 30 minutes.  You sit in a chair for level 1.  You will need a yoga mat for levels 2 and 3.

Because the manual covers the stretches in the first level, you are not getting any new information.  But it is helpful to have if you don’t have access to a player and you want to be lead through the steps.  The checklist provides practices that we should all be mindful of as we seek to relieve our pain.  In fact while I type this, I am keeping my elbows next to my ribs so that I am not reaching forward and straining my back and shoulders.  This is just one of her suggestions.  I’m challenged to integrate them into my daily life.

My routine is to do the first level on this DVD, and then follow it up with a segment from Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams.  (Click here for a review of Jane’s DVD.)  The two segments take me about 30 minutes.  These are 30 minutes well spent as I know it will help me lessen my pain.  Sometimes I hardly have any pain thanks to the stretches.  There are other benefits as well.  Practicing the deep breathing while doing the stretches helps to calm me and bring clear thinking to my mind.  It sets a great tone to the start of my day.  It provides a positive outlook and hope of productivity.

I have also noticed a general loosening of my body.  I can tell I have more flexibility.  Bending over doesn’t hurt as much.  I can sit on the floor with my legs crossed; something I couldn’t do a year ago.  I can sit in a chair for a longer period of time as my pain isn’t as intense as it once was.  I can walk easier because my pain is less and my movements are easier.  And of course I sleep better because my pain is less and I can move more.


There are two issues that I feel are important to note about this DVD.  Emily moves at a steady pace through the stretches.  My friend who did this with me commented that it was too fast for her.  I guess I hadn’t noticed since I’d been doing them so long.  So I suggest you preview each segment at least once before you practice it.  This is especially important for level 2 and 3 because you are on the floor (with a mat) and it is sometimes hard to look at the screen.

The other issue is that I can’t do all the stretches, especially in level 3.  As a (almost) 68 year old, I am not as flexible as I would like to be.  I think if I had been practicing these stretches and yoga when I was younger, I would be more flexible.  I do note that I am able to stretch further than in the past, and I believe I will find further improvement, but for now, not all of the stretches are accessible to me.  She does caution you to use care as you move into more difficult positions.  Especially on level 3 where you do the neck and shoulder stretch.  Good advice.

How to purchase

As far as I can tell you can only get the DVD from her website;  I contacted them for a link to provide you, but I didn’t get a response back.  (These links usually give me a small percentage of the sale.) The system lists for $25.00.  This also comes with a money back guarantee.  But from the reviews I have seen, everyone is happy with the video.  There is a paperback of the system at Amazon for $14.39, but I can’t review that since I haven’t used it.  It appears to have the different levels included, and the checklist and some smoothie recipes.  I prefer the DVD because I like following along as I do the stretches.  I have trouble sometimes in motivating myself, so by using the DVD I feel I’m not alone.


Speaking of doing this alone, I asked a friend to help me be accountable to her so that I will remain motivated.  If she lived closer I know we would do these together, as she has pain issues too.  So I recommend that if you can, find someone to do these with you.  You won’t regret it.

I think this video would be a great asset to your search for natural pain remedies.  It has certainly changed my life for the better.  I give it 5 out of 5 stars.

Your comments and questions are welcome.  I would like to hear how this video has helped you.

Are There Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain?

Are There Natural Remedies for Muscle Pain? I think so! I’ve been searching for months now, as my previous posts suggest. I have nerve pain, joint pain, and yes, muscle pain. Are there natural remedies for muscle pain, joint and nerve pain? Please check out my other posts for various options.

But today I want to talk about what has helped me more than anything so far. And they are completely natural. But two take discipline and work on your part, and the other is kind of scary for some people. Interested? Read on.

The three things that have helped me the most are, stretches, yoga, and acupuncture.


Let’s address the scary one first. Scared of needles? Of the needles hurting you? Of quacks? I understand. My friend spent months denying my suggestions for treatment for his glaucoma, high blood pressure and edema. When I finally convinced him to try it, he saw immediate relief for his edema. He is maintaining a good eye pressure for his glaucoma (he does take medication also), and his blood pressure is improving (he takes medication for that too).

I have been under my acupuncturist’s care for over a year now. Not only does he treat my pain, but he monitors all my health concerns. I strongly recommend this type of treatment as a natural pain remedy. Be sure you get a qualified and honest practitioner! I had to go to 2 others before I found my current doctor.

In fact, if you live in the eastern part of LA county, I highly recommend Dr. Terry Chang.  You can see my Yelp Review here:

Scientists can’t yet explain why acupuncture works.  They say “it helps the body heal itself by activating the self healing mechanism”.  They refer to “channels” or pathways that connect nerves and organs.  Makes sense to me since we know everything is connected in our bodies.  My  understanding is the needles stimulate the nerve to heal itself and reduce the pain.  There is also the claim that the needles stimulate the nerve to produce a pain relief hormone that is more powerful than morphine.  All natural!

Acupuncture has not been a cure.  But I feel better after a treatment.  I go once a week.


I have two yoga DVDs that I can use in the comfort of my own home and at my convenience. The one that has been most helpful is Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams. Because I am in my late 60s, this program is the perfect workout for me. She introduces stretches that seniors can practice. She moves slowly and gives explicit instructions. Not too hard, but certainly helpful! Definitely a natural muscle and joint pain remedy! I always feel less pain after doing this. And because it is yoga, I find myself calmer, more relaxed and with a positive outlook. Pretty good outcomes; and all natural!


The Complete Healthy Back System; Back to Life Series DVD is a great addition to my program. This woman has had severe pain in her young life and researched until she found these stretches for her pain. I respect her journey and how helpful her stretches have been. Her DVD is The Complete Healthy Back System; Back to Life Series, by Emily Lark.  Emily moves fairly fast in her instructions.  I recommend you watch each section first before you try them so that you have an idea of what she is talking about.

I combine the Yoga and Stretches.  This takes about 1/2 hour for the two segments I chose.  Both DVDs have different sections for different parts of your body.  My goal is to practice these 5 days a week.


I welcome your comments and questions. I will respond to all. And I hope that you find relief in your pain. Trust me; I know what you are experiencing.

Other Natural Pain Remedies

Pain.  Nobody wants to have it.  Few people want to hear you talk about it.  But for some of us it is a reality.  It is a constant companion.

My pain has changed my life.  I am limited in my physical activities.  It hurts to walk.  And I know exercise, which is a natural pain remedy, is vital in so many ways!  A real Catch 22; exercise would help manage my pain, but it hurts to do it. So here are some alternatives to exercise that may help you manage your pain.  They are natural pain remedies, because they aren’t products at all!

Stretches and Yoga

I have a few CDs that I switch around that seem to help lessen the pain.  They vary in length from 10 minutes to 45 minutes.  Doing one or two of them as often as possible seems to help.  I know that I’d rather just sit, but that’s not good for me.  Here’s what I have:

The Complete Healthy Back System, Back to Life by Emily Lark – a fellow pain sufferer, she speaks from experience

Yoga over 50 with Barbara Benagh – gentle and relaxing, but still challenging

Gentle Yoga with Jane Adams – also relaxing and focuses on various parts of the body

Classical Stretch The Esmonde Technique – 30 challenging but doable active stretches that will get your heart going

I recommend you use a yoga mat.  If you don’t have one, here is a link to purchase an affordable one from eBay.

Natural Pain Relief
Child pose

Laugh with friends

Does this sound obvious?  But when is the last time you did this?  I am blessed to have friends that make me laugh, and I always attempt to return the favor.  Laughter releases those feel good endorphins, that may numb pain.  And when you are with people you love who make you happy you aren’t focused on yourself and your pain.  It makes you forget for a time.

A few words of advice though.  Don’t be a Debbie Downer when you get together with friends.  Yeah, you’re in pain, but ask about them, see what makes them happy.  Come prepared with a few jokes.  Be the person that everyone wants to be around.  I’m not being Pollyanna here.  I know from experience what kind of people attract others.  People that complain and talk only about themselves are lonely for a reason.  Don’t be that person.  Practice asking questions.  Think about others.  Don’t talk about yourself so much.

I can speak from first hand experience that when I am laughing with others I forget completely about my pain.  What a relief!

Keep busy

I don’t watch TV.  It is a time waster for me.  For relaxation I read.  But otherwise, I keep busy.  This seems to work like laughter; if you are focused on something else, you don’t focus on the pain.  Focusing on the pain makes it stronger.  Find projects and activities that you can participate in.  On good days I attempt something physical.  On bad days, something more sedentary.  Have lists that will provide you with ideas to work on.  Just making lists and plans helps your attitude.

It is my hope that these natural pain remedies will give you some relief and joy.

Limit certain foods

Did you know that alcohol and caffeine can increase pain?  There seems to be evidence that stress hormones can affect pain, increasing it’s level.  Caffeine increases the stress hormones, therefore, caffeine increases pain.  Alcohol affects the body’s ability to absorb several vitamins that are essential for nerve health.  If your body is unable to function at it’s peak, then your pain could be worse.