Onion Health Benefits

Wondering what are onion health benefits? Me too. Because I read that onions and garlic may help me manage my pain. So this article will address the benefits to your health of onions. And also garlic. Read more to find out why. Why Are Onions and Garlic Helpful to Fight Pain? Firstly, we need some … Read more

Pain and the Antioxidants in a Blueberry

What, you may ask, do pain and a blueberry have to do with each other?  I’m glad you asked!  In this article I will discuss pain and the antioxidants in a blueberry.  And why you might want to add blueberries to your daily diet.  I’m assuming you are here reading this article because you have … Read more

Distraction Techniques for Pain

Introduction Why would you need distraction techniques for pain?  What does that mean?  Do these techniques work? I imagine you are reading this article because you are in pain.  You have my empathy.  I too have chronic pain.  Which is the main motivation for creating this website.  Each day I search for ways to manage … Read more

Relaxation Techniques for Pain

Relaxation Techniques for Pain These last few weeks have been more painful than most.  My pain wants to take control of my life.  Instead of letting that happen, I decided to continue my fight to conquer it.  I decided that researching some relaxation techniques for pain might be helpful.   From that I decided to see … Read more