Is Green Tea A Pain Reliever for Chronic Pain?

Is green tea a pain reliever for chronic pain? Yes, it can be, mainly because it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation. Inflammation is closely related to pain, so drinking green tea may help you feel better. Introduction Are you in pain today? I am. Looking for some relief? I’m trying a new option. … Read more

What’s Trending in Natural Back Pain Relief Products?

Oh my goodness!  So excited!  Today I researched the topic, “What’s trending in Natural Pain Relief”?  What a wealth of information. From my previous posts you will know that I promote self care and responsibility in your search to feel better.  And I still believe that.  Some of these products help you in that endeavor.  … Read more

How To Relieve Pain Naturally

Are you in pain?  Me too!  I am constantly searching for ways to find relief.  The following article provides a few suggestions of how to relieve pain naturally. Introduction Skip this section if you don’t want to read about my experience with more pain issues. I started this post ten days ago.  I thought it … Read more