A Pain Sufferer’s Guide To How To Get Out Of Bed.

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Do you have trouble getting out of bed once you wake up?  Do you wonder how you will get out of bed?  Because if you are like me, it hurts to move and face another day in pain.  But it is only you that can change that.  This article hopes to give you some motivation to get out of bed, and make a difference in your life and maybe the life of someone else.

Motivation for self improvement.  The improvement I’m talking about here is doing something about your pain!  Yes, most days it is a challenge to get out of bed.  It hurts to move, and I have nothing to look forward to.

Unfortunately this is my thinking sometimes. Is it yours too?  I struggle with thoughts in my head saying, “Why bother?  I’m in pain.  And I’m sick.”  So why bother to get out of bed?  You probably have similar thoughts if you found this site.  Well, I am searching for reasons for myself and therefore, I hope this will give you reasons to get out of bed.  Generally, my posts relate to natural pain remedies.  And I’m going to continue those posts.  But first I had to get myself motivated to get going, to get out of bed, to do something!  So what worked?

Motivation for Pain Remedies
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The Mind is The Big Problem

What are you thinking about when you wake up? This is where the battle begins.  From what I have researched, this is the most important part of beginning the day.  I am teaching myself to practice some gratitude, prayer, and planning before I get out of bed.  Yes, this takes work.  You are required to fight the negative thoughts and feelings running through your mind and take another path.  Only you can do that.  You have the control of your mind.  Where are you going to let it go?  Take the reins.  Focus on what you want.  Here is a great post by a person who has depression.  She has some great ideas.  And she has authority since she struggles like you and me.  I especially like planning what I am going to eat for breakfast.  That’s a positive to look forward to.  Even if I can’t eat what I used to eat, I can still plan something yummy.  This helped me get started.  So my beginning the day was the gratitude, prayer, and planning.  And my planning started with food.  (Which isn’t a surprise.  Because even though I am changing my diet, there are

Mindfulness, Mindset,, Motivation
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still many lovely options out there.)  So stop a minute and decide what one thing can you plan to begin your morning.  Here is another article of several great ideas to motivate yourself toward improvement.

Turn the negative thinking to a positive.  For example, I would never had started this website if I hadn’t been experiencing chronic pain.  I lived a carefree painfree life and never gave chronic pain a thought.  That changes a few years ago.  Now pain is a daily companion.  So, when I came upon this opportunity of building a website, I was first challenged to write about something I know or am really interested in.  Truth be told, I don’t  have many interesting hobbies.  But I thought, hey I know about pain!  And trust me, the journey to creating a website has been a wonderful one.  Here I am, a retired senior, building a website!  And gaining miles of knowledge.  I feel like I am earning a Master’s degree in Natural Pain Remedies.  Self taught but boy do I have a head full of knowledge!  And in the journey, I am lowering my pain and taking responsibility of doing so.  What negative can you turn to a positive?  I’d love to know.

And I found a positive spin to having been hospitalized with diverticulitis.  The positive is: I’ve lost weight!  Not that I recommend this as a way to do that, but I’m thankful there is a silver lining.  And now I truly do have to eat to live, instead of what I was doing which was living to eat.

Read that link and then comment below to tell me and others what worked for you.  You’ll be helping yourself, and helping others.  Which leads into the next concept.


Do Something for Someone. Do Something for Yourself.

On of the best ways to transform your thinking is to do something for someone else.  Look around.  Don’t you find the most content people are the ones doing things for others?  Every nurse I met in the hospital and that have been coming to home visits for me have been extremely positive.  I usually ask them if they like their job, and every one of them says yes.  To me they are messengers of mercy.  I bet their job satisfaction is due to the opportunity to positively affect another human being’s life.

So maybe you’re not a nurse.  What are your circumstances?  Even if you can’t get out of bed, or out of your apartment, can you pray for others?  Make a phone call?  Send an email or even better, a get well card?  Find a way to give back, to pay it forward, to help just one person.  The satisfaction you gain is very therapeutic.  You feel better and so does someone else!  That’s part of the motivation for my website.  I truly hope I can make an impact on others.  Which is why I so hope you will leave comments and questions.

Do Something for Someone
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Take Responsibility

You alone are the person responsible for your health.  Just today I read an article about the major public health concerns in the US.  I was shocked to see that most of them are issues that a person can change!  Among the topics were tobacco use, obesity, lack of exercise, and poor nutrition. What’s wrong with this picture?  All those topics are something that a person can change!  What’s it going to take for us to make changes?  So, take responsibility right now and make one change.  Maybe get out of the chair and do ten minutes of yoga stretches.  Not much, but it’s a start.  Here’s a link to a post I wrote about one of the DVDs I use.

An Aside

If you have pain and your activities are limited, building a website might be something for you.  The organization I am using is called Wealthy Affiliate.  Click here for a link within my website to go to WA.  It is my goal to have this website become an income producing option.  You might see if this is right for you.  I receive a portion of the fee should you choose to join.

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So What?

Are you a little bit more motivated to self improvement?  It really is up to you how you deal with your pain, as well as how your day goes.  Attitude is a huge part of it.  What silver lining have you found in your suffering and your challenges?

Here’s a closing thought:  Man’s chief purpose, according to the Westminster Catechism, is to love God and enjoy Him forever.  Seek love and to enjoy whatever God has given you.  I am sure it will help you be more self motivated.

Your comments and questions are very important.  I hope to have a community of fellow sufferers who can help each other.

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