Natural remedy for pain and inflammation caused by cold weather

As I continue to search for pain relief, I recognize that pain and inflammation seem to go hand in hand.  And now that it is November, and cold in many areas, I realize that pain can be worse.  I am not sure why this is; I don’t see any conclusive research.  Most science talks about barometric pressure and decreased blood flow.


The barometric pressure issue is one of increased moisture in the air.  This pressure affects tissue in ways that put stress on nerves.  Therefore, it increases pain.  The decreased blood flow is caused by cold.  Notice how your feet and hands get cold in the cold weather?  Decreased blood flow is the cause.  Decreased blood flow means poorer circulation which means the tissue isn’t getting what it needs.

Natural Remedy for Pain and Inflammation

Following are four remedies that are natural and will help you with pain and inflammation.

Keep warm

Be mindful of the climate and temperature, and dress accordingly.  Layers are your best bet.  Make them loose and non-constrictive.  This increases the body’s ability to pump the blood to all the body, and helps relax the tight muscles that have constricted in the cold.

Keep Exercising

It is counterintuitive to want to move about in the cold, but that is the best thing for you.  If you have read my other posts, you will see what I recommend for types of exercise.  Start slowly and gently.  This is one of my favorite recommendations.  Why?  Because it works.  If you are going out in the snow, make sure you follow the first recommendation.

Protect Hands and Feet

Basically, meaning keep them warm also.  I find my hands and feet turn cold in the winter, so I have to be very aware of putting on warm socks, even around the house.  Have a pair of gloves in the car, in case you go out the door without them.  Just doing these two simple things makes a huge difference.

Limit caffeine and alcohol

Both interfere with blood flow and constrict the body’s ability to warm itself.  If the body is fighting to stay warm, you don’t want to make it more difficult for your body to do so.

Stay hydrated

And while I’m discussing fluids, I want to emphasize that you stay hydrated.  Months ago I thought I was doing fine in this area, but I caught 4 colds during the winter.  As I evaluated my lifestyle and researched the causes for being sick so frequently, I concluded that I wasn’t drinking enough water.  I can not stress enough the importance of drinking plenty of fluids!  Just doing this one thing has impacted my overall health.  And once again, it’s a natural remedy!  I concentrate on water mostly.  I even found a free app that tracks my intake and rewards me with a virtual trophy when I meet my goal.  The app is: My Water.  It’s free for the basic uses.

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Smart, simple, easy tips that everyone can implement, but are so often forgot. Great reminders (drinking enough water is my biggest struggle)!

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