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I’ve been reading a book titled, Pain, the Gift Nobody Wants, by Dr. Paul Brand and Philip Yancey.  This book challenged me to look at my pain differently.  One of the author’s premises is that we in the Western world focus on how to get rid of pain, instead of accepting and living with it.  Dr. Brand spent his life working with leprosy and diabetic patients, who lose the ability to feel pain. 

While I respect the attitude that acceptance is a step toward peace of mind, I am still of the mind to take proactive steps toward lessening my pain.  But the author did challenge me to be vigilant about my health, taking responsibility to be my best advocate.  No one knows our body like we do, so I recommend you be your best advocate. But I do have friends that are concerned about my health and will listen and make suggestions to help me. I hope you have people like that in your life.

I am now more aware of what causes pain.  Since my pain is in my right buttock, I now realize:

Cold weather causes pain

Too much sitting causes pain

Wet weather causes pain

Lying down too long causes pain

Over doing activity causes pain

No exercise causes pain

Here’s an interesting video from TED about chronic pain.

So What?

What about you?  I suggest you take some time to journal when your pain is at it’s worse.  Could changing some of your activities help?  Why not find out? Doesn’t this fit in with another way to treat your pain naturally?

I welcome your comments and ideas.  I really want this website to be a forum for fellow sufferers to find relief.  I also believe that just being in conversation with each other is encouraging and comforting.  We’re in this together.  Let’s help each other through community support.


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