Relaxation Techniques for Pain

Relaxation Techniques for Pain These last few weeks have been more painful than most.  My pain wants to take control of my life.  Instead of letting that happen, I decided to continue my fight to conquer it.  I decided that researching some relaxation techniques for pain might be helpful.   From that I decided to see … Read more

Pain Management of Chronic Pain

Is there such a thing as pain management of chronic pain?  Why would you want to manage your pain?  Read more to find out. Introduction Feeling down because you have pain?  Me too! It is often a challenge to get out of bed, because I know my day will start with pain.  You too? I … Read more

How To Exercise for Pain Relief

Stretches. Exercise. Movement. Pain Relief

In this article I want to investigate if there are exercises for pain relief.  And if so, how to exercise for pain relief. Introduction In this post I intend to discuss various exercises that may help you gain pain relief. Those of us that suffer from chronic pain know that it seems only natural to … Read more

Back To Life by Emily Lark – A Review

This will be a review of Back to Life by Emily Lark.   The subtitle is; The Complete Healthy Back System.   Back to Life DVD This review will include the benefits of the program, issues I had with the program and where to purchase it.  Read further to find out if this program is for you. … Read more

Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

Natural Remedies for Pain Relief

Are the Natural Remedies for Pain Relief? I think so! I’ve been searching for months now, as my previous posts suggest. I have nerve pain, joint pain, and yes, muscle pain. Are there natural remedies for muscle pain, joint and nerve pain? Please check out my other posts for various options. But today I want … Read more