Back To Life by Emily Lark – A Review

This will be a review of Back to Life by Emily Lark.   The subtitle is; The Complete Healthy Back System.   Back to Life DVD This review will include the benefits of the program, issues I had with the program and where to purchase it.  Read further to find out if this program is for you. … Read more Back To Life by Emily Lark – A Review

How To Relieve Pain Naturally – Part 1

Introduction Are you interested in how to relieve pain naturally?  Are you proactive about your health? I think you must be, or you wouldn’t be here reading this post right now. You, like me, are looking for ways to relieve your pain. And to relieve it without using medication or resorting to surgery or shots. … Read more How To Relieve Pain Naturally – Part 1

Healthy Happy Foods – Book Review

Looking for healthy happy foods?  Food that is healthy and that will lift your mood?  Then you might be interested in reading this book.   Title: Happy Foods – Over 100 Mood-Boosting RecipesAuthor: Karen Wang DiggsI give it 10 stars out of 10Format: Paperback, 252 pages Introduction In her book, Happy Foods, Karen Wang Diggs provides … Read more Healthy Happy Foods – Book Review

Sciatica Natural Pain Relief

I have a pain in the butt!  No, I’m not talking about that person you know that gives you grief and aggravation. I’m speaking about nerve pain in the buttocks. You too?  Hopefully I can provide information for sciatica natural pain relief.   If you have read any of my other postings, you know that my … Read more Sciatica Natural Pain Relief

Can Chronic Pain Cause Depression?

Do you have chronic pain?  And depression?  Can chronic pain cause depression?  Read more to find out the research.  But even more importantly, read on to see what you can do about it.   Did you know that chronic pain can affect your mental health? Experts say that it can cause depression and anxiety. I can … Read more Can Chronic Pain Cause Depression?