Fighting Depression Naturally

Margie Warrell – Hope is a Risk That Must Be Run

Depressed?  Discouraged?  I get discouraged with my chronic pain. Do you? As I continue in my search for relief from pain, especially back pain, I find new and interesting options. I found three ways that we can start fighting depression naturally.

The following three concepts are ones that I am investigating. I plan to do a more in depth review of these once I have experienced them further.  But I didn’t want to wait till I understood them fully.  That may take some time, and I want to feel better right now.  And I want you to feel better too.  Read further for options that might help you.

And note here:  These options take effort on your part.  I am a huge proponent of taking action and responsibility for my health and pain management.  If you want to get better, feel better, and have a better quality of life, you must make it happen!

EFT Tapping

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique.  Tapping is what you do with your hands.  Based on the acupuncture points in the body, this process uses the tapping technique to stimulate those points and to assist the body and mind toward balance and health.  People claim that this process can do amazing things.  There are several helpful videos I found on YouTube that explain the process and show the points.  They explain it better than I can.  See these links; How to Tap With Jessica Otner, and How to Do EFT Tapping For Beginners.

Apparently sometime in the 1990s Gary Craig developed this method.  It has been revamped over the years.  There are now programs for individuals to become certified in this program.  But I found out about it through a friend at church.  She says that an individual can perform the process on oneself.  She has been very helpful in teaching me and answering my questions.  I have used it to overcome the extreme fatigue I experienced after my hospitalization and to make a decision about future commitments.  I was pleasantly surprised of the results.  I plan to continue the practice for my buttock pain and the illness that put me in the hospital.  I am slowly becoming a believer.  After I have used the practice more, I will report further.

There are some other videos I found through my research.  For more info see these links; How to Tap With Jessica Otner, and How to Do EFT Tapping For Beginners.

A note of concern though.  As a Christian, I am always wary of practices that take away from my worship of God.  So I was pleased to find out from my friend that there is a book written by a Christian called EFT for Christians by Sherrie Rice Smith.

I do encourage you to check out the links above to learn how to do this process.


I’m excited about this!  ACPA stands for American Chronic Pain Association.  All along in this pain journey I have promoted finding a community that supports your journey of pain.  During my research I came upon this organization. One of their tools is that having a support system in place actually helps us feel better. Here is their link to ACPA.  I recommend you spend some time reading through their site.  You won’t feel so alone.  Someone out there understands what you are going through.

I have begun by to reaching out to them to start a support group in my area.  You can too.  Or go on their website to see if there is a support group in your area.   They are a nonprofit group.  They do receive tax deductible donations.  I love that their mission is to help people like you and me with our pain struggles.  That is why I wanted to feature them in this article.

The organization promotes community, educational programs and provides (for a fee) materials like Pain Logs, pain evaluation sheets, relaxations techniques and much more.  There are webinars and an events calendar.  It appears you can get as involved as much or as little as you want.

N’shima therapy comes to Southbury – Jewish Ledger



This is an app for which I paid.  Although I have hit a bump in using it, I still have had some experience with it.  (The bump was spending 4 days in the hospital with a different medical issue.  It has left me without much energy and strength.)  The philosophy here is that movement, stretches and exercise will help you feel better.  This is also a concept I have been promoting throughout my website.  Their app is free for 7 days for you to try out, then $79.99 for a year.  I decided to pay because I wanted to experience it to the fullest.  I wanted to see if it would help my pain, and if so, then I could recommend it to you.

Not only do they have a section for exercise, which is tailored to your situation, but they also have a knowledge section and a breathing section.  Each day you are given a few minutes of all three.  You can choose how long to make the knowledge section and then get on with your exercises.  Right now, mine are taking about 15 minutes.  I don’t know if they increase in time.  Lastly you spend a few minutes in learning breathing exercises.  These three concepts have been shown to provide relief and help to pain sufferers.  Kaia has the science to back this up.  Here is a link to their website.  You can also check the app store for the downloadable app and give it a try.

Kaia app

This concept that they use of knowledge, movement and breathing are three of the many techniques I have found helpful.  I did research to find this information.  I am presenting this information to you to save you some time.  I urge you to get going on doing something and this Kaia app is a good place to start.  It’s easy.  But will provide you with some hope for relief.  As of this writing, I do not receive any monetary wage from the recommendation of the Kaia app.


Want relief?  Then do something about it!  You really do have to help yourself.  Hopefully one or two or all three of these recommendations will help you.  Please comment about any thoughts or reactions to this article.  Thank you.


I do not receive any compensation for the recommendations here.  I provide this information in hopes it helps you in your pain suffering.

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How To Relieve Pain Naturally

Are you in pain?  Me too!  I am constantly searching for ways to find relief.  The following article provides a few suggestions of how to relieve pain naturally.

How To Relieve Pain Naturally
Author: Injurymap


Skip this section if you don’t want to read about my experience with more pain issues.

I started this post ten days ago.  I thought it would be an easy project.  Then that night I was in the hospital emergency room.  I was admitted to the hospital.  I spent four days there.  And upon release, I was completely wiped out.  This hospitalization had nothing to do with my pain issue.  I am thankful for the wonderful staff that took care of me, especially the nurses.  And I am thankful to learn there is something I can do to avoid this problem in the future.  Having started this website because of pain issues has taught me to be proactive in my care, to listen to my body and to search for solutions.  So, I applied these criteria to this new illness.  But for five days I didn’t feel well enough to work on this post.  Then I got to thinking, I should write a little about the experience in hopes it will help me get back on the saddle and help someone else if they are going through a rough time.

How about you?  You want a better life? What can you do to feel better?  I hope you have read my other articles.  They are all aimed at providing information to help you find some pain relief.  I’d be so happy to know that something I have written here on this website has helped someone.

First, Some Advice

If you’ve read any of my other posts, you know that I am very proactive about my health.  I do all the things we are supposed to do to be healthy.  I watch what I eat, I exercise, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I get plenty of rest, I get enough water by tracking my amounts.  So you can see my philosophy is to take care of myself.  I don’t expect others to do for me what I won’t do for myself.  In fact one of the in home nurses that is coming told me today that she has patients that lie to her and won’t do what they are supposed to do to take care of themselves.  Don’t be that person!  You won’t get better or feel better if you don’t take responsiblity for your health.  So just do it!  Following are some suggestions that have been helpful to me, and I hope will be helpful to you.

  • Don’t go it alone

If you have family or friends to care for you, you are truly fortunate.  If someone offers to do something for you, let them.  It is very fulfilling to provide help to others, so let them help you.  Just be sure to be grateful.  Even if you can do most of your care alone, if you are alone, you need to keep in contact with others.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, community is vital.  We are social creatures created to have communion with others.

  • Get plenty of rest

This is tough for me.  I just realized something new about myself; that I don’t like to be non-productive.  But that has to be balanced with getting rest.  I am listening to my body and having it dictate my efforts.  This also means I don’t push myself like I did before.  This is your body, and you are responsible for taking care of it.  This has to be balanced with people coming to visit though.  So although it is good to have people around, listen to your body if you are tired.

  • Do some stretches

My inactivity in the hospital caused my buttock pain to flare up.  Just today was I able to do some stretches.  I know more than ever the benefits from moving, stretching and exercising.  At this point I am just stretching, but the others will come as I feel stronger.  I have had to modify my stretches because I can’t bear weight on one arm.  But I can still do something.  A good start would be the CD I recommend in this post.

Now My Original Purpose in Writing This Post.

This post discusses some product recommendations that I have either tried or reviewed. Sometimes, when you are hurting all you want is a little comfort. Maybe one or two of these products can help you with that.  They may help you toward a better quality of life.

Product Recommendations


A heating pad can provide some warmth and comfort as well as easy the pain of sore and achy muscles.  My nerve pain also causes other pain in surrounding areas and a warm pad can help.  It is not only physically comforting to me, but a warm source just comforts me emotionally.  I feel like it’s the closest thing to a hug! 😍

Sunbeam Heating Pad for Pain Relief




Or try this one.  Doesn’t that look lovely?  Wrap your back in a warm hug.  It has 4 stars on Amazon.

My Heating Pad- Adjustable Lumbar & Abdomen Heat Therapy Pack – Microwavable Back Pain Relief – Reusable (Blue)
My Heating Pad


Flexikold Gel Pack

Maybe cold is what you need.   Cold is for recent injuries, or to reduce swelling.  It also reduces pain for a time.

It’s called FlexiKold Gel Ice Pack.  It has an 81% 5 star review on Amazon.  It comes in various sizes and with or without straps.

Maybe a New Bed?

Here is a more expensive item, but one I recommend.  In this post, Take Action to Relieve Pain Naturally, I talk about the need for a good mattress.  This made a huge difference for me.

A video of other natural pain remedies


These items are ones that I have tried and found to be helpful.  Did one of these products help you?  I would love to hear your comments or questions.  I would also welcome recommendations of products you have tried and found helpful.  We can help each other to feel better by sharing with the community.


I am not a health care professional.  I merely recommend these products because they are natural and non-invasive.  But check with your doctor first to be sure these products are right for you.

I do not have any affiliate links in this post; recommendations are based solely on my experience.

One Final Thought

If you are looking for an opportunity to build your own website, as I am doing here, I recommend using the platform here.  It is called Wealthy Affiliate.  You can join for free to check out if it is for you.  I will receive a referral fee if you join, as well as become your mentor.  Thank you!


How To Work Through Pain

Woman at work
How To Work Through Pain
Hillebrand Steve, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Do you have to work despite the fact that you are in pain?  Me too!  So I found some tips for how to work through pain.  I hope one of them helps you.


It was my goal to write another article on my website for the past few days.  But new pain has presented itself into my life and I just couldn’t get going.  What did I have to write about?  Why bother?  Nobody seems to care about what I have to say.  Am I even being helpful?  Are pain and work linked?

Then I thought about the fact that there are millions of people that do work through their pain.  Surely if that is the case, I can do the same.  So this article will be about helpful tips that I found while researching this topic.  If it helped me, I hope it will help you also.

Take a look at some of my other articles.  For my buttock pain I have found stretches and acupuncture very helpful.  But I suggest you look at other ones on this site.  Who knows?  One of the articles may be helpful in finding some relief to your suffering.

Albarubescens Wikimedia Commons

Where Is Your Focus?

One of the first things that helped me today was doing a web search of how to work when I am in pain.  That’s how I came up with some suggestions.  But the solution is twofold because just the activity of sitting at the computer and researching is a way to relieve pain.  In other words, having your mind engaged in something else takes your focus off of your pain.  Which is the main idea of the title of this article in the first place.  Working refocuses your mental state and takes away the power of the pain.

I also read about a practice where you STOP your mind in it’s tracks when you are focusing on the pain.  Then you TELL yourself a hopeful thought, like “This will get better”.  Finally, you REFOCUS on your present task.  This would be an easy task to do anywhere, especially at work.  So we see that focus is very important.  Here is a link from SpineHealth that suggests other focusing techniques.  I haven’t tried them all, but maybe one or two of them would be helpful to you.

In summary: 1.  Engage your mind in an activity  2.  Stop your mind focusing on pain and tell it something hopeful.

Check Out These Suggestions

A Couple of Helpful Links

Here is a great post by a woman (Elly Copeland) who suffers from Crohn’s disease and depression and has ADHD.  I found her suggestions extremely helpful.  They also support my research and experiences.  She is honest and well spoken.  She knows her topic because she knows pain.  I highly recommend this post.  Stop right now and check it out.  Here is another post from Health that provides some of the same suggestions and a few more.  I especially recommend the one about moving, or changing positions.  In my former job I could sit at my desk hard at work and never get up.  That is a recipe for pain.  Move and stretch.  And move often.  If you sit in one position for extended periods, you are making the pain worse, and will lose ground on managing your pain.

Find a Compassionate Person

Although you may not be able to talk to someone while at work, if you can, I recommend it.  Find a caring person and spend a few minutes letting them know how you are feeling.  You never know if they might have a suggestion that would be helpful.  And just talking about your pain to an emphatic person is helpful.  Having someone validate your pain is such a relief.  Find that person.

Krisphotwrld Wikimedia Commons


When you are off work, try journaling.  I was surprised when I started this activity.  I am not a natural writer, but once I started putting my thoughts on paper, I was astonished how they continued to flow.  I frequently made some profound discoveries from this.  Plus just the activity of writing will refocus your mind and you will not feel as much pain.  Also, journaling can clear your mind of other concerns and worries.  Who knows, you might come up with some very profound insights.  Insights that could change your life!

Support Groups

Look for support groups in your community.  Did you know that there is an organization called American Chronic Pain Association?  Check out their website.  It is extensive.  They have a few videos to watch that are very encouraging.  Also, you can see if there is a group in your area, or if not, start one!  This is a vital part of managing our pain, by finding a community that understands our sufferings because they too suffer.

Relaxation Breathing

Can you take a few minutes for some relaxation breathing?  Find a quiet place away from any interruptions and distractions.  I found a great free app called Breathe.  Type it into your app search.  It will guide you through various exercises depending on your needs.  It will take less than 10 minutes for you to do some relaxation breathing.  This relaxation exercise helps manage the pain.  See also my post regarding Meditation.


Is there a chance that you need to just get away from work for a break?  If your work is stressful, that is only adding to your pain.  More stress = more pain.  A vacation can be refreshing to your mind, body and soul.  Especially if you practice some of the recommended techniques you’ll find through the links here.

Here’s a video that proves the validity of refocus.  I hope that there will soon be an application of this for those of us that are chronic pain sufferers.

(I don’t like that they are throwing snowballs at innocent little penguins though!)


Writing this article took work on my part.  I had to research and concentrate on learning.  Then I had to write it in my own words.  You can see that to find relief from your pain you are going to have to work at it.  But I know that once these practices become habits, it will be less work and you will find more relief.  But do commit to WORK at lessening your pain!

I welcome your comments.  I especially welcome recommendations so I can do further research and posts and hopefully help out another pain sufferer.  I’d love to hear what tips worked for you, or about other ideas that worked.  Thanks for reading.


I am not a medical professional; merely a fellow pain sufferer.  Please talk with your doctor about any of these recommendations if you are concerned how they might affect you.

There are no affiliate links in this post where products are recommended.  However, I do recommend the platform I am using to build my websites.  It is called Wealthy Affiliate.  If you join I become your mentor and I do receive a referral fee.  Check it out for free here.

Magnilife for Pain (A Review)

Ben Kerckx photo


Have you tried Magnilife for Pain?

Do you experience muscle cramps and pain? Do you wonder what the causes of muscle cramps are? Is there a natural relief for muscle cramps? In this article I intend to answer those questions and provide a product review that may help you.

What Are Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps are defined as a strong, tightening of a muscle.  It is an involuntary contraction of the muscle.  They mostly occur in the legs.  They usually occur at night.  Some people refer to it as a charley horse.  Regular muscle contraction occurs all the time as we move, but then the muscle relaxes when we stop moving.  In a muscle cramp the contraction tightens and doesn’t release.  This causes pain; sometimes very severe pain.  It can wake you out of a sound sleep.  A muscle cramp is actually a spasm (involuntary contraction) that sustains over a period of time.  It looks and feels like the muscle has hardened.

A friend of mine described them like this.  “They come on usually in the night.  You want to scream!  They hurt so bad and come on so suddenly you can’t get out of bed fast enough.  Takes awhile to figure out what to do about the pain.  There are lots of home remedies that I have tried.  Some of them are eat a banana, walk on a cold floor, or walk it off.  The banana and the cold floor didn’t work.  The walking it off actually hurt!  So what are you supposed to do?  I can’t imagine anything more painful.”  This is a direct quote from my friend who suffers this condition.  He is the motivation for this article.  Because through his suffering he has found a natural relief.  This article will conclude with the product referral.

What Causes Muscle Cramps?

The true cause of muscle cramping is actually not known.  But there is general agreement within the health community that certain activities and conditions can bring them on.  The main cause seems to be overexercising the muscle.  I know that when I grip something for an extended period, my fingers cramp up.  I have heard that distance runners frequently experience muscle cramps.  Just sitting or standing in one position for a long time can cause cramping.

Other causes could be:

  • Exposure to extreme cold.
  • Pregnancy,
  • Dehydration,
  • Certain medications; such as listed medications I researched were anti-psychotics, birth control pills, diuretics, and steroids
  • Medical conditions and
  • Lack of minerals can also cause muscle cramps; especially calcium and potassium
  • So you can see there may be any number of reasons that can cause muscle cramps.  Another helpful link is by MedicineNet, that discusses different types of muscle cramps.

Some Recommendations for Relief

One of the easiest recommendations to possibly avoid muscle cramps is to stay hydrated.  Drinking enough of the right fluids is key to a healthy body anyway, and I am always promoting that to my friends.  And if you are exercising then hydration is even more vital.  Water helps the cells function at optimum capacity and therefore can relieve overuse.  And prevent muscle cramps.

Stretching the muscles is also helpful.  I have written about some stretches that I do that have relieved my buttock pain to a great extent.  See my posts, Exercises for Back Pain.  Seem Counter-Intuitive? or see  a review I wrote about some gentle yoga exercises here.  Also see this website from the Mayo Clinic about some leg stretches that may help leg cramps.  Stretching your muscles everyday can help you avoid cramping.  And as I’ve said in some of my other posts, stretching can also relieve pain.

Furthermore, I see recommendations that you eat foods rich in calcium, magnesium and potassium.  See this post from HealthLinkBC.

Is There A Natural Pain Relief for Muscle Cramps?

The natural pain relief that I can recommend is the one my friend found.  He was so pleased how it helped his cramping problem.  He is a 80 year old who still keeps active and busy, but the cramps interfered with his lifestyle.  So, once he found this product he couldn’t keep his excitement to himself.  The product is called Magnilife Muscle Cramp Pain Reliever.

Product:  Magnilife Muscle Cramp Pain Reliever
Available from: Amazon
Rating: 5 stars

He takes the tablet form, but there are several products that the company makes.  He says he takes the tablets under his tongue and has very fast relief.  Nothing else has worked this well for him.

Before I could recommend this product though, I did some research of the ingredients in the tablets.  They are: causticum, colocynthis, cuprum metallicum, magnesia phosphorica, phytolacca decandra, rhus tox, stannum metallicum, and veratrum album.  Here’s what I found out about each.

  • causticum is potassium hydrate.  It has been used to treat arthritis and bed wetting with some success.
  • cuprum metallicum is copper!  I know that some people find relief through copper bracelets.  So apparently there is wisdom in the need for this in our bodies.
  • magnesia phosphorica is magnesium phosphate.  This is one of the minerals that studies indicate is important in preventing cramps.
  • phytolacca decandra is also known as poke or pokeweed.  Some related plants are toxic.  But apparently this weed has been used homeopathically for some time.  Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • rhus tox is poison ivy!  Yikes!  But in tablet form it is indicated for joint pain.
  • stannum metallicum is known as homeopathic potentized tin.  It is used to treat skin conditions.
  • veratrum album is another poisonous plant!  But used in this product it appears to depolarize nerves.

Magnilife for Pain


As with any product that you ingest or put on your skin, you should check the warning labels.  Just because it is natural, doesn’t mean it is the right thing for you.  This product does have a warning for pregnant and breastfeeding women, and for children.  It amazes me that ingredients that are toxic, can be used in a form that actually helps us though.  My friend has tried other products, but nothing worked like the Magnilife did.  So I highly recommend it.

Your comments and questions are always welcome.


As with any product or practice, check with your doctor first to make sure this product is safe for you.  I am not a medical professional, just a fellow pain sufferer willing to share my research.  I do not receive any payment for recommending this product at this time.  I merely wanted to let people know about a product that can provide relief to them.

Wealthy Affiliate

This is the program I am using to build my websites.  One great thing about working from home is that I can work around my pain.  On good days I can work a little more.  On bad days, I can take a break.  If this sounds appealing to you, please click on this link;  Wealthy Affiliate.  If you join I do receive a referral fee, and become your mentor.  Thank you!

Pain Relief With Essential Oils. Do They Work?

Have you wondered if you can find pain relief with essential oils?  Do they work?  I researched this topic to come to some conclusions.  Read on to see what I found out.


In this article I plan to discuss the veracity of the popular claim that essential oils can remedy many problems. My main focus will be on the application for pain. But I want to present research based outcomes, quality of essential oils, and if applicable, what to use for your pain. I want to reach a conclusion about whether or not essential oils can help us in our pain suffering.  I do not sell or promote any oils.  If through my research I find that yes the oils help, and yes there is a reputable company, I will note that here.


First, a definition of essential oil.  These oils are derived mainly from plants.  It is “essential” because it contains the essence of a plant’s properties.  Like other natural pain remedies, essential oils have been around for some time.  I found one source that stated the ancient Egyptians used the oils over 5000 years ago (Aromatherapy, Julia Lawless, pg. 14).  The use is usually through aromatherapy or massage.

The oils must be used in a carrier oil such as coconut or grapeseed oil if used in massage, or direct application to the skin.  If used in aromatherapy the oil can be used undiluted.  I didn’t find conclusive advice about ingesting some oils, so I would err on caution and advise not to ingest any oils.  But you can do more research if you are so inclined.

It is also recommended that you do a skin sensitivity test to find out if you have a reaction to the oil. Skin tests are where you apply a few drops (of the oil in a carrier oil) to the back of your wrist, cover with a bandage, and leave it for an hour.  If irritation occurs, wash with cold water.  You can try the oil in a reduced concentration with the same method to see if that helps.  Otherwise, it is recommended you don’t use that oil.

My Sources

I researched on YouTube, Google and social media.  In a lengthy article (and not in layman’s terms) the National Institutes of Health concluded there was a “significant positive effect from aromatherapy in reducing pain”.  This study was released in 2016.  The oils they list are lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary, chamomile, and peppermint.  These are the oils that I see mentioned most often.

But there was a reduction in pain.  In post operative pain the use of eucalyptus had some effect on reducing pain as well.  This NIH article is worth investigating for further information, and results on different types of pain.  In another article from Italy, published in 2015, bergamot oil was found to be effective in controlling neuropathic pain.  Another article I found helpful and that directed me to some research is this article by Healthline.  Please take time to read the links I have included.  They are informative and cover more information than I have here in this article.

This video is very helpful and full of information.  It is an objective review.  I highly recommend it.

The author, Joe Leech, presents research on several different oils.  His conclusions are that there are only a few oils that have verified results.  These were peppermint for headaches, tea tree for acne, and lavender for relaxation.  His video was released in 2015.  Otherwise, according to Leech, the claims that are made involving over 100 oils have not been proved by research.

Now here are two authorities that state there is some verified results from peppermint and lavender.  I would choose to believe the NIH study on the eucalyptus, rosemary and chamomile; that there are benefits from these as well.  Their conclusion regarding back pain, which is what I focus on, involved lavender oil with massage.  So the results might also be related to massage.

Pain Relief With Essential Oils
By Yercaud-elango – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

What Oils Help Relieve Pain?

From the above research I can conclude there is some scientific evidence that essential oils of peppermint, lavender, and bergamot oils are natural pain remedies.  Other oils I have listed above can be used for other concerns, but as I said, I am interested in the ones specifically used to relieve pain.

In case you are wondering about CBD oil, read my article here.

Quality of Essential Oils

As I researched this important topic, I was looking for information on how we can determine the quality of a product.  It makes me laugh when I find a source that is going to promote their product in the results.  So be careful as you search.  I am going to only include sites that don’t recommend any particular product in this post.  In this article by Doreen Petersen, there are five guidelines to follow in purchasing your essential oil.  Among the criteria, are

  • knowing your supplier
  • and knowing your Latin.

So, check out who you are buying from and learn about the names on the product.  I am embarrassed to say that some of the oils that I bought before I did this article don’t even list ingredients!  I’ll be more careful in the future.  And just because it’s expensive doesn’t guarantee the quality either.  This article was very helpful and I hope you will read it.

There are some MLM companies out there that have made claims that may be unethical and I don’t know about the quality of their products, so I recommend you do lots of research before you purchase or participate.  Furthermore dosages appear to be subjective, since there is currently no regulation of the oils.  The manufacturer of the oils can apparently determine the dosage. (Based on what, I don’t know.)  So again, do your research.  I would figure that if I decide I can trust the company for the quality of the product, I can also trust them for the recommended dosage.

Did you know there is actually an organization called National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA)?  They feature Artisan Aromatics, with several products for you to choose from.  Their products look like quality products.  I am recommending you check them out.


There seems to be some validity in the use of essential oils to lessen pain symptoms.  It is a safe alternative when used with care and following directions.  I would still recommend talking with your doctor first in case it might interfere with other medications or sensitivities.  But otherwise there should be no adverse side effects, unlike medication.  Costs will come out of your pocket though, as opposed to insurance covering other treatments.  So even though prices can range from $10.00 to $60.00 or more, since it’s out of your pocket, the costs can add up.

JJ Georges – Wikimedia Commons

Still, I think much more research is needed before essential oils can become a mainstream treatment for pain.

In the meantime, I believe there is evidence that essential oils can help in relieving pain.  I plan to do more research and testing, so watch for updates.

Your comments, questions, and responses are welcome.  What do you think?


Consult your doctor before you use any products discussed here.  I am not a medical professional; just a pain sufferer like you.

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What is that?  Wealthy Affiliate is the platform I use to build my websites.  If you want more information, click on this link.  I will receive a referral fee if you join.  I will become your mentor and help you any way I can.  Thank you.

Wikimedia Commons – Cryptocarya agathophylla van der Werff [as Ravensara aromatica Sonn.]
M.E. Descourtilz, Flore médicale des Antilles, vol. 8: t. 567 (1829) [J.T. Descourtilz]